ABC Book Challenge for Kids

I recently answered the 30 Day Book Challenge and thought it might be fun to do something similar with MyChild’s books. I knew those prompts wouldn’t be doable for her, though, so we fell back on the tried and true ABC Challenge.

SandyKay Favorite Kids' Books A to Z

Note: All of the links will take you directly to Goodreads.
I do not use affiliate links, if that’s of concern.
Please consider purchasing any books you like from your local independent books store.

The following books are ones we have on our shelves and love.


You can read our review of this book HERE.


We love this entire series of books.
The top three we read are Amelia Earhart, Lucile Ball, and Rosa Parks.

There is an entire series of Katie “meeting” various genres of art. My favorite paintings are impressionism, so this is my favorite book in the series.


This is a great introduction to food insecurity and what kids notice.

The entire Bruce series is SO GOOD! And there’s a new one coming out in January!


There are a few fairy tales that Ms. Rosen Schwartz has interpreted.
They are all good, but Ninja Red is my favorite to read out loud.

Just wait until you meet Jarvis!!


This entire series is SO GOOD.
My Child’s favorite is Iggy Peck, Architect.
My favorite to read out loud is Ada Twist, Scientist.


An important story on exclusion and how to handle it.

A great story on teamwork.
The sequel comes out next month!

Using research and deduction to solve a multitude of magical mysteries.

Anybody have any
suggestions for E, V, or X?


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