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This was too perfect to not share. Our markets use the same method. Distancing, masks, sanitizing and checking temperatures at the door so if someone is not feeling great, we can help! This is how we are keeping markets, visitors and small businesses safe! Thank you to @sketchplanations for this! As it perfectly explains how we are able and have been able to keep markets safe in Toronto. Follow them for more information and sketchs. . •The Swiss Cheese Model• Despite all our best intentions, accidents happen. Analysis of accidents in large complex systems such as power stations or plane crashes led to an understanding that "no one failure, human or technical, is sufficient to cause an accident. Rather, it involves the unlikely and often unforeseeable conjunction of several contributing factors arising from different levels of the system." James Reason's Swiss Cheese Model is a memorable visual metaphor that illustrates how each safeguard may contain a latent flaw, or hole, and that an unfortunate circumstance, may result in these holes lining up to disastrous effect. It's also a nice reminder that multiple layers of defence will be more effective, but even with our best efforts, there's still potential for something to go wrong. However, it is unlikely. If all layers are enforced. . . #416 #905 #437 #toronto #yyz #torontovseverybody #torontolife #torontoevents #torontobusiness #thetrinitybellwoodsflea #trinitybellwoodsfleamarket #trinitybellwoodsflea #shoplocalsunday #shopsmall #shoplocal #handcrafted #handmade #makersmovement #supportlocalbusiness #supportsmallbusiness #supportlocalartists #community #communityovercompetition #covid19 #coronavirus #communityfirst #weareinthistogether #localbusiness #cityoftoronto #ontario

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Deblhablate Wow… that debate…! #pascalcampion #vote

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Things We Should Know

The Michigan Governor Kidnapping Plot

Mitch McConnell and President Trump’s Coronavirus Infection

Johnathan Price’s murderer fired

Armenia and Azerbaijan

Why are infections rising again in US?

Ancient underground lakes discovered on Mars

Things We Should
Still Be Talking About

Coronavirus Numbers

US coronavirus cases: Dr. Fauci still not happy

COVID-19 stimulus package: Trump plans to wait until after the election to discuss again

2020 Wildfires in California and Oregon: WTHell is a “gigafire”?!?!?!?

Breonna Taylor: Grand Jurists speaking out

China’s Uighurs: 39 UN Countries condemn China’s actions

Beirut Explosion: Among Largest Accidental Explosions in History

US-Mexico Border: Wall cutting through Tribal Lands

Brexit: EU Summit Next Week, finding a solution

U.S. 2020 Election:

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