SKewed Clues #48

Welcome to Skewed Clues!

This is a collection of things I think about, find,
want to share, but don’t need a dedicated blog post for.


SK Gift Ideas for Kids
SK Gift Ideas for Her
The Grinch prepositions

Things We Should Know

California to impose regional stay-at-home order to ease COVID hospitalizations

Koala in a Christmas Tree

After nuclear scientist’s brazen killing, Iran is torn over a response — restraint or fury?

For the first time in 800 years, Saturn and Jupiter will align to make a ‘Christmas star’

Lift the Mood

Local Loves

I live in Houston. I love living in Houston.
Here’s were I share some of that love.

Currently Listening To

A Pentatonix Christmas

Currently Reading

Amid the Winter Snow

To read any of my book reviews, check HERE.

Also, check out Book Reviews with MyChild.

Currently Watching

Here’s a full list of things we’ve been watching
and what’s coming up next

Humans are Amazing

See you next time!


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