30 Day Book Challenge

This latest challenge is floating around my Instagram world.

Professional Book Nerds 30 Day Book Challenge

I love things like this, but cannot complete one to save my life. I always forget which day I’m on or if I’d posted that day, etc. What can I say, I don’t have very good follow-through.

Instead, I thought I’d put all of my answers in one blog post. This also works out, because I can provide images and links – something I can’t always do on Instagram.

Note: All of the links will take you directly to Goodreads.
I do not use affiliate links, if that’s of concern.
Please consider purchasing any books you like from your local independent books store.

Day 1: Favorite Book in a Series 

Day 2: Favorite Book by
My Favorite Writer 

Day 3: Book I Did Not Finish 

Day 4: Book I
Remember from Childhood 

Day 5: Favorite Classical Novel 

Day 6: Book that
Broke My Heart 

Day 7: Best Audiobook to Listen to on a Road Trip 

Day 8: Series
Everyone Should Read 

Day 9: Favorite Book to
Give as a Gift 

Day 10: A Book that
Makes Me Cry Happy Tears 

Day 11: Literary Character I Would want to Have Dinner With 

Captain Shakespeare, Stardust

Day 12: A “Popular” Book
I Hate 

“Hate” is too strong a word, but I did not (and still don’t) get the hype of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. I read the first 2.5 and just wasn’t impressed. I am planning to try again as My Child is reaching this age and Disney+ just announced creating the series.   

Day 13: A Book with
a Color in the Title 

Day 14: A Fairy Tale Retelling 

Day 15: A Book that
Made Me Cry Sad Tears 

Day 16: A Book I’ve
Read More than Once 

Day 17: A Book with a Person’s Name in the Title 

Day 18: A Book I Like by an Author No Longer Living 

Day 19: An Audio book I Like
Because of the Narrator’s Voice 

Day 20: A Book with an Unreliable Narrator 

Day 21: An Anthology I Love 

Day 22: An LGBTQ+
Love Story 

Day 23: A Book Quote
I Know By Heart 


Day 24: A Book Collaboration by 2 or More Authors 

Day 25: A Book Villain
I Actually Love 

Wormwood, The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis

Day 26: A Biography I Think Everyone Should Read 

Day 27: A Book
I Read Every Year 

Day 28: A Classical Novel I Haven’t Read, But Plan To 

Day 29: A Book Cover I Love 

Day 30: The Book
I am Reading Right Now 


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  1. What a fun challenge!! I might steal this for my own blog. I was sort of filling in answers as I go. My boys and I have really enjoyed the entire Percy Jackson series (any of the Riordan books actually). We’ve listened to every series he’s ever written to while driving in the car together.


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