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Yesterday. This week. This month. Everywhere I turn, there is more negativity and bad news. I am not so sheltered that I am just learning about these things, but lately it has just been pervasive. I find myself feeling hopeless, helpless, incapable of doing anything to make a difference, a change,…

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Things We Should Know

U.S. House resolution to halt weapons sale to Israel

Europe to welcome vaccinated tourists this summer

Elon Musk off BitCoin and onto DogeCoin? *eyeroll*

Lift the Mood

Sound On!

Local Loves

I live in Houston. I love living in Houston.
Here’s were I share some of that love.

Currently Listening To

Currently Reading

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo book cover

To read any of my book reviews, check HERE.

Also, check out Book Reviews with MyChild.

Currently Watching

So, last Sunday was the Part 1 Finale. Part 2 will start sometime this fall.
(“The first season will consist of 12 episodes, split into two six-episode parts.”)

Pros of this show: 1. Created by Joss Whedon; 2. Steampunk; 3……uh…..

Cons of this show: 1. Gratuitous sex*; 2. The Part 1 Finale was terrible**.

*I do not mind a sex scene. This is also HBO, it’s expected. (Thanks Game of Thrones.) But, WHY do I need to watch unnecessary and irrelevant sex when the voice-over narration has NOTHING to do with what I’m watching?!?!?

**The finale (is it a finale in the middle of a season??) is NOT the time to start an entirely new storyline. I’m not joking that for the first 5 minutes I thought MyHusband changed the channel and we were watching the wrong show.

 Final Review – Miss this Series

Humans are Amazing

See you next time!


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