How To: Cream of Tartar

You know those pans that just won’t quite come clean?

That baking sheet with baked on non-stick spray?

I figured it out!

Okay, I googled and adapted and cleaned my pans completely.

I saw one tutorial that said to spray your pans with oven cleaner.

Hard pass.

Others claimed to “use this cleaner and a little bit LOT of elbow grease.

No thank you.

Then I came across a post about Cream of Tartar.

Now, I have 3 containers of Cream of Tartar in my cupboard because we used to make a lot of homemade playdoh when MyChild was young.

I figured, “What do I have to lose?”

Here’s the process.

1. You have a dry dirty pan.

2. Sprinkle on some Cream of Tartar.

3. Us a barely damp sponge. I get the whole thing wet and then wring it out.

The dampness from the sponge will be enough to work. Scrub scrub.

4. Rinse. Check your work.

5. When satisfied, wash the pan once more with dish soap and celebrate.


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