Books for Kids: Thanksgiving

SK Thanksgiving Books for Children Stack

This is a collection we have amassed over the years
of our favorite Thanksgiving Books. Enjoy!

Note 1: These books are age-appropriate fiction and non-fiction materials.
I know Thanksgiving has a dark history and these are facts and topics,
as a family, we haven’t addressed yet, as MyChild is 8 years old.
If someone has a resource to discuss these things with early elementary age children, please share them in the comments. Thanks!

Note 2: All of the links will take you directly to Barnes & Noble.
I do not use affiliate links, if that’s of concern.
Please consider purchasing any books you like from your local independent books store.


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I’m Sorry, but….

I'm sorry, but...

How many times have you heard that?

How many times have you said that?

Someone brilliant once said:

Everything before the word "but" is horse shit.
“Everything before the word “but” is horse shit.”

Think about that.

As soon as you add “but,” “yet,” “I just,” you negate whatever you said preceding it.

Make sure you make the apology its own sentence.

End it. Period.

I. Am. Sorry.

No attitude. No sarcasm.

Pure and simple.

Be sorry.

Then, wait.

You are not the next one to speak.

You do not fill the silence.

It will uncomfortable.

Deal with it.

The conversation will continue, and THEN you can provide more information.

Don’t make excuses. Don’t shift blame.

Accept that you hurt them and be sorry.

Your apology needs to be as loud as your disrespect was.

“No, but…” or even “Yes, but…”

“But” ends the conversation. It ends the possibilities, the potential, sometimes the respect.

Focus on AND

Focus on saying, “Yes, and….”

One of our favorite commercials ends with:

Why not both?

One last time, when you say but,
you are negating what came before.

Remove the but.


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