How To: Quick Clean Your Shower

There are a lot of household chores I do not mind. Laundry, ironing, vacuuming – I’m good.

Two that I specifically dislike are dusting and the dishes.


The other chores I really, really dislike are cleaning the things that are supposed to do the cleaning.

Washing machine, I’m looking at you. Vacuum cleaner, wtf?

This group includes the shower/bathtub.

How To:
Quick Clean Your Shower

I have found the easiest/quickest way to keep our shower clean is by using a dish wand. In the last 2 minutes of my shower, I quickly scrub all the surfaces, rinse everything off, and we’re good.

How To: Quick Clean your shower

Shower Wand Fill-up

  1. Remove your dish wand from its packaging.
  2. Unscrew the lid.
  3. While the wand is sponge-side down, fill 1-2 inches of Dawn Dishwashing Liquid Soap. I usually use the original scent (blue), but the orange or lemon versions also provide a nice freshness to your bathroom after cleaning.
  4. While the wand is still sponge-side down, fill the remaining space with distilled vinegar. Apple cider vinegar works great, too. I just use whichever I have on hand.
  5. Replace the cap.
  6. Gently alternate the wand sponge-side up and sponge-side down to mix the two liquids together. I recommend doing this over a sink or bathtub.
  7. Your Quick Shower Wand is ready to use.

Cleaning with the Quick Shower Wand

  1. Scrub the surfaces with the Quick Shower Wand

2. Rinse all surfaces.

3. Store the Quick Shower Wand UPRIGHT in the shower for easy access next time.

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