Clean those Random Things – It’s Time

I love fall cleaning.

Okay, I do not love it, but it IS when I prefer to handle the seasonal cleaning.

With MyChild’s birthday in November, Christmas in December, several houseguests throughout the fall/winter season, and the inevitable growth spurt right AFTER school starts, I tend to do a massive overhaul of our house.

If you want a guide for how to tackle your entire house, I recommend White House Black Shutter’s 40 bags in 40 days Challenge. I have done it in the past, but by the time we get to the spring/Lent season, I’ve already purged so much (after the influx of presents) that I cannot get to that magical 40 number.


As I become a whirling dervish of a cleaning


I start to take stock of the things that haven’t been cleaned in too long.

I try to keep track throughout the year, but stuff happens.


Here’s a short list for you to ask yourself about.

Be honest. You don’t have to tell anyone else, but…

Sandy Kay - Cleaning Flatlay1. Makeup Brushes

You know you should do this more often. I know I should.

Take the five minutes on Saturday morning to clean your brushes.

SK - Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Your face will be so happy!


2. Keyboard and Mouse

At home or in your office.

Sandy Kay - Clean Keyboard and Mouse

I try not to think about the germs that might be on my desk at work


Take a Clorox wipe and give both a swipe.

3. Electronics at home

The remote. Your kids tablets. The video game controllers.

Oh, the germs.



4. Under the Refrigerator

WHO actually thinks of this one on a regular basis?!?!


Best tip I ever saw was from Pinterest – use an empty paper towel/wrapping paper tube with your vacuum to get way under there. The way my fridge is set up, I have to do a LOT of maneuvering, but it’s so satisfying.


5. Your PHONE


Go ahead. Just think about ALL the places you put down your phone. And then you put it on your FACE.


If I’m being really good, I’ll use rubbing alcohol. If I’m being honest, I usually use a Clorox wipe.


Just be careful not to get too much moisture in any of the ports.

Also, my Samsung Galaxy Note 8+ is water resistant. Don’t try this if yours isn’t up to the moisture.


What is something obscure you think we all should take a moment to clean?

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