Book Review with MyChild – A Potato on a Bike

A Potato on a Bike
by Elise Gravel

Welcome to a new thing we are trying –

Book Reviews with MyChild!

Books are critically important in our family – the saying around here goes, “I am always willing to spend money on books and Legos.”


You may recognize MyChild from her input on our Family Movie Reviews, but she will be even more instrumental in this type of review. She’s 7-years-old, in first grade, reads on her own, and her current favorite books to read are the DogMan series and Goosebumps.

I have had the privilege of review a couple Advance Reader Copy books through NetGalley and when I was recently searching for some new books to read, there were a few children’s books available. Of course, I could have just read these on my own and provided a review, but why not involves someone of the intended audience demographic. Here we go.

A Potato on a Bike
by Elise Gravel

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from
Orca Book Publishers through NetGalley.
Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

This book is currently available for pre-order. Publication date is October 8, 2019.

Amazon Description:

This delightful board book will make the little ones in your life giggle at the absurdity of a fly on the phone and a carrot in the tub. The text’s repeated asking Have you ever seen…? preceding the refrain No way! will have toddlers yelling “No way!” themselves as you read through these silly situations. Celebrated artist Elise Gravel brings the silly to a new level in A Potato on a Bike, because really, has anyone ever seen a broccoli counting to ten or a sausage reading a book? But wait, how about a…baby being tickled?! Uh-oh, I think the answer for that is—yes way!

Our Review:

Mom: I read through this book before handing it off to MyChild. She is clearly outside the intended audience, but who doesn’t love a cute board book now and again. Honestly, I don’t know that I would have purchased this book even when she was the “right” age.

MyChild: I thought it was kind of funny.
My favorite part was the Ball on a Toilet.

Mom: I guess I should never discount how funny potty humor and jokes can be – at any age.

The Final Verdict

I do really like the style of Ms. Gravel’s work,
so I will be looking into other works of hers in MyChild’s age/reading level.

Our rating: 4 stars

Would we recommend? Yes


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