Reading Log for Kids

Reading is a big thing in our house.

I read this fact when MyChild was tiny and it always stuck with me.

No one ever mentioned that those 1825 books would probably be living in your house and they multiply like rabbits….

As MyChild has gotten older, naturally we increased the reading level of her books.

Current favorites include:

This summer I also introduced her to writing Book Reviews and now keeping her own Reading Log.

Reading Log for Kids

Using a Moleskin Cahier Journal, I designed this log to be roughly the size of most of the books she was reading. You can also print any of the images/pdfs on letter size paper and stick them in a standard size notebook if 1. that’s what you have on hand or 2. your child needs a bit more room to write.

To Print for 5 x 8″ Notebook

Print each page as is, cut apart, and adhere to your chosen notebook.

To Print for Standard Notebook

Print each page as is and adhere to your chosen notebook.


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