What Can You Let Go Of?

SK - What can you let go of?

As this year is wrapping up, is anyone else just done?

We’re in Q4 – which so many people have told us (influencers have whined about) that this is their crazy-busy season – you know trying to get us to buy every single thing they link.

Corporate offices are generally wrapping up their fiscal years and trying to meet budget while every retail organization is doing the same.

We are still in a global pandemic – while there are improvements – and navigating how to the “return to normalcy/before-times” can/should/will go is exhausting.

Everything feels so overwhelming.

So many things have been high-stress inducing for so long, it’s starting to take its toll. Heading into the holidays, I am reevaluating what I can handle and what I need to let go, what I actually care about accomplishing, and where I really need help.

Need Help

Several studies have shown that the Mental Load usually falls to the wife and/or mother.

One thing I absolutely cannot stand is every day being asked, “what’s for dinner?” from anyone in my family. I know it’s innocent and usually out of curiosity (and probably hunger), but it drives me crazy that it is always on me to figure it out. And with the pandemic this has been EVERY meal, for each of us, not just dinners. I’m over it.

To help combat this, I have created a new family calendar and menu “station.”

SK Family Calendar

Very inspired by these amazing calendars (here | here), I created my own in photoshop, had it printed at Office Depot, and used this inexpensive poster frame with a coupon from Michaels. The main reason I did not go with one of the acrylic calendars (for now) was that my kitchen wall color is not useful/helpful for seeing dry erase marker.

The idea is that if either MyHusband or MyChild have a request or idea for meals, they can write it down themselves.

We have always had a calendar on the wall for various appointments and things, but having the “Next Month” clearly visible helps with me not needing to know everything off the top of my head.

MyChild asked why I created this and my response was:

To get all of this information out of my head so you two can help.

I just hung this up over the weekend, so time will tell if this helps or not.

What small thing can you give to someone else?

Letting Go

We all have our pet peeves. Sometimes these seem huge and will drive you up the f*ing wall; other times they are small and you can brush them aside.

Sometimes it depends on how you are feeling.

Right now, just about everything seems too big.

We have a small, tiled entry way that is about 8 square feet. Plenty of room. Any time MyHusband comes through the door, he takes his shoes off on the carpet – after walking across 3 feet of tile. WHY DO YOUR SHOES NEED TO BE ON THE CARPET????

I will passive-aggressively kick them back onto the tile and make snarky comments. I have also had an honest conversation with him that it drives me crazy. Neither tactic works. I’ve Psych 101 psycho-analyzed myself (not something I recommend) and have tried to figure out why it bothers me so much – the short answer is somewhere in the lack of respect for my request…or something.

But, one thing I do know is that I cannot maintain this absolutely stupid battle of wills any longer. I concede. He wins.

Is there something small you are holding onto that is destroying what little calm you have?
Right now, can you set it aside for your own well-being?
Even if that means they “win”?

Things to Care About

At this time of year, it is always so tempting to just add more “fun” things and make the season so “magical.” We often forget how exhausting it is to be the one creating all that magic.

My family will still be doing some of our favorite traditions (Advent Season), but I can already feel I need a bit of a low-key, go-with-the-flow month of December. This is only a struggle for me (Enneagram 6w5 and a planner), but I’m going to do my best. My family is generally just up for anything. #lovethem

I have come to learn that adding things to overwhelming times does not work well for me – even if it includes increased organization and/or planning. But, I do know that The Lazy Genius has a Holiday Docket to plan out your season and have less worry about missing things.

The Lazy Genius Way is also very useful at any time of year.

I just heard on The Next Right Thing Podcast – Episode #200 this handy set of questions to ask yourself:

  • What do you want?
  • What’s yours to own?
  • Is it time to move on?

Emily gives so much helpful advice on how to make decisions that actually work and are beneficial to you. These are some questions I am asking myself for the holidays and new year.

What are your things to own, let go of, or move on from?


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