Desperately Seeking Motivation – Extend Grace

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I’m back with my Desperately Seeking Motivation series.

Extend Grace

I mean to yourself.

You would do it for someone else, wouldn’t you?

SK - It's okay to not have it figured out yet
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Final Fifty of 2018

Happy November 12th!

It’s just a day.

I happens to be a Monday this year, but more to the point, there are fifty days until 2018 is over.

How are you doing?


Personally, that week or so surrounding Halloween is a disaster. There are kid-related things for Halloween; there is MyChild’s birthday and requisite party, class party, and family celebrations; and, (regardless of which company I am working for) always a major work project or event in the midst of that time.

Once I hit October first, I know I just need to keep my head down and moving forward.


Last Friday, everything was done. I am free!

Oh, wait.




New Year’s resolutions to plan.


I know a LOT of people are doing the “Last 90 Days”-type of thing, but I just could NOT take on another project during the month of October.

But, looky, looky…..

We have 50 days left.

We can do this!


Here is what I WILL accomplish by the end of the year

SK Final Fifty Book Stack

EOY TBR  a.k.a. End of Year To Be Read Pile

Visit the gym (at least) 4 days each week

Write in my Gratitude Journal 5 days each week

December-Bake-a-Thon – my own plan to bake every day in December


Work on my Book(s)



How about you?

What are your plans for the next 50 days?

Are you taking care of yourself, too?