Advent Season 2020

What is Advent?

Advent is the name of the season in which Christians prepare for the celebration that commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, Christmas. The word Advent comes from the Latin phrase “Adventus Domini”, meaning arrival of the Lord.
The Advent season is of variable length and the start date changes every year. It starts on the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day and always ends on Christmas Eve.
Common customs observed in churches and at home during Advent are the decoration of the house with an Advent wreath adorned with candles and the keeping of an Advent calendar.

Christian Advent

Season November 29 – December 24, 2020

For the past 3 years, My Husband and I have used the She Reads Truth | He Reads Truth Advent Reading Plan.

She Reads Truth | He Reads Truth Advent 2020

“This four-week Advent experience features daily Scripture reading carefully curated for the Advent season. It is also filled with seasonal delights, from daily prayer prompts and reflection questions to favorite holiday recipes, festive hymns, and Christmas crafts. Join us as we anticipate and remember the profound miracle that Jesus Christ is Born.

My child also has the Advent Conversation Cards

and the This is The Christmas Story

She Reads Truth - This is The Christmas Story

from the Kids Reads Truth line.

I really enjoy this being a family affair.

Secular Advent

Season December 1 – December 24, 2020

For several years, we each get our own Lego Advent Calendars.

We also continue our Advent Books tradition.
Click Here for the full experience.

This year’s surprise photo hasn’t been determined yet,
but here are the best of those in consideration:

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