Books for Kids: Advent/Holiday

Advent/Holiday Books for Kids

Can I just start out by saying:
It thrills my little Type A, structured heart
that advent begins on December 1st this year.

Beginning when MyChild was two-years-old, we started a family tradition of Advent Books counting down until Christmas Eve. During the first two years, I actually wrapped each of the books. The third year, I didn’t have the time, nor the motivation to wrap all of those books. AND I couldn’t get past the thought of truly wasting that much wrapping paper.

So, I changed it up a bit.

I no longer decide which books we will read on which night(as I had when I wrapped them) and as an added component, I created a puzzle that would be completed the night we finished all 24 books (a.k.a. Christmas Eve).

This easy step involves a google image, a printable magnet sheet (cut into 24 pieces), and some washi tape.

Here are a couple of images we’ve used in the past:

Each night, she chooses a book, removes the (face down)puzzle piece, adds it to the fridge, and we read the book as a family. I’m the only one who knows what the finished picture will be.

It’s a family tradition that even MyHusband and I enjoy and look forward to.

Note: All of the links will take you directly to Amazon.
I do not use affiliate links, if that’s of concern.
Please consider purchasing any books you like from
your local independent books store.

Advent Books

William's Winter Nap Book Cover

William’s Winter Nap
Author: Linda Ashman
Illustrator: Chuck Groenick

ABC Hanukkah Hunt Book Cover

ABC Hanukkah Hunt
Author: Tilda Balsley
Illustrator:Helen Poole

Pig the Elf Book Cover

Pig the Elf
Author: Aaron Blabey

A Bad Kitty Christmas Book Cover

A Bad Kitty Christmas
Author: Nick Bruel
Will she ever learn?

Captain Bling's Christmas Plunder Book Cover

Captain Bling’s Christmas Plunder
Author: Rebecca Colby
Illustrator:Rob McClurkan

Click, Clack, Ho! Ho! Ho! Book Cover

Click, Clack, Ho! Ho! Ho!
Author: Doreen Cronin
Illustrator: Betsy Lewin
What is that sneaky duck up to this time?!?!

The Knights Before Christmas Book Cover

The Knights before Christmas
Author: Joan Holub 
Illustrator: Scott Magoon
Some valiant, but confused, knights almost ruin their own Christmas!

The Nutcracker Book Cover

The Nutcracker
Author: Susan Jeffers

Simon and the Bear Book Cover

Simon and the Bear: A Hanukkah Tale
Author: Eric A. Kimmel
Illustrator:  Matthew Trueman

The Gingerbread Pirates Book Cover

The Gingerbread Pirates
Author: Kristen Kladstrup
Illustrator: Matt Tavares

The Twelve Days of Christmas Book Cover

The Twelve Days of Christmas
Author: Hilary Knight
The illustrations are what make this book!

Elf in the House Book Cover

Elf in the House
Author: Ammi-Joan Paquette
Illustrator: Adam Record

We Wish You A Merry Christmas Book Cover

We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Author: Johannah Gilman Pavia
Illustrator: Asha Pearse

The 12 Sleighs of Christmas Book Cover

The 12 Sleighs of Christmas
Author: Sherri Duskey Rinker
Illustrator:Jake Parker

Little Blue Truck's Christmas

Little Blue Truck’s Christmas
Author: Alice Schertle
Illustrator:Jill McElmurry
Our favorite little truck has a wonderful surprise at the end of this book!

The Spirit of Christmas Book Cover

The Spirit of Christmas
Author: Nancy Tillman
Carols entwined in a story that gets to the heart of the season.

Bear Stays Up for Christmas Book Cover

Bear Stays Up for Christmas
Author: Karma Wilson
Illustrator: Jane Chapman
Such a sweet story about how friends can be your family.

A Pirate's Night Before Christmas Book Cover

A Pirates Night Before Christmas
Author: Philip Yates
Illustrator:  Sebastia Serra
Get your talk-like-a-pirate voice ready – this one is SO fun to read aloud. 

How do Dinosaurs Say Happy Chanukah? Book Cover

How do Dinosaurs Say Happy Chanukah?
Author: Jane Yolen
Illustrator: Mark Teague

A Unicorn Named Sparkle's First Christmas Book Cover

A Unicorn Named Sparkle’s First Christmas
Author: Amy Young

The four books that I do guide her to choose on certain nights are:

The Night Before Hanukkah Book Cover

The Night Before Hanukkah
Author: Natasha Wing
Illustrator:Amy Wummer

Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah Book Cover

Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah
Author: Susan L. Roth

The Night Before the Night Before Christmas Book Cover

The Night Before the Night Before Christmas
Author: Natasha Wing
Illustrator:Mike Lester
A very fun twist on a classic story that resonates too well with this busy mom.

The Night Before Christmas Book Cover

The Night Before Christmas
Author: Clement C. Moore
And we end with a classic.

Some of the other books we used when MyChild was younger included:

Duck and Goose: It's Time for Christmas Book Cover

Duck and Goose: It’s Time for Christmas
Author: Tad Hills

Room for a Little One Book Cover

Room for a Little One
Author: Martin Waddell

Merry Christmas, Mouse! Book Cover

Merry Christmas, Mouse!
Author: Laura Numeroff
Illustrator: Felicia Bond

Merry Christmas, Ollie! Book Cover

Merry Christmas, Ollie!
Author: Olivier Dunrea


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