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I’m back with my Desperately Seeking Motivation series.

Over the next few weeks, I’m sharing how I pulled myself out of the blah feeling I was being crushed by. Spoiler Alert: It wasn’t easy and it was NOT quick. Hell, I’m still working on it.

Exercise Makes You Happy



I KNOW I feel better when I work-out/do something physical, but that doesn’t always provide the motivation to follow through.

I (re)started this one very slowly. I know myself – if I try to cold turkey anything, I will tell myself to F Off! And resume self-destructive tendencies. Very mature, I know.

We have a membership to a nearby gym. We LOVE the place, but for a while, there was always a reason excuse NOT to go.

Luckily, during my blah time, a new month was starting. Jackpot.

When better to start something than on the first of the month/Monday/top of the hour?!?!


Oh, yes, this is SO me.

I knew that “I’m going to start on the first” was a dangerous route to take, but I needed something concrete to force myself into a deadline.

During college, I started running. To be clear: I am an interval runner, but a runner nonetheless. I like to run a lap, walk a lap, etc. I do enjoy running. I don’t love running on the treadmill, but #houstonsummer.


That’s where I started. I got my butt back on the treadmill. I started by walking at a 3.5 (brisk) pace. After three 20-minute sessions over a week, I started adding running back in. I would run 1 minute, walk until my breath returned to complete normal (usually 3-5 minutes in the startup stage), listen to my body, run another minute, walk until I felt better, etc.

Still love it.


I do know that if I wanted to see some real results, I needed to add in a strength workout.

Home workout

Sandy Kay - Workout by 10s

At the gym

Sandy Kay - Gym Workout

I discovered earlier this year, that I really LOVE rowing.

If you are interested in rowing, but have never done it before (as I hadn’t), PLEASE watch a YouTube video on proper technique and form BEFORE you start (I didn’t). I want you to avoid injury by straining your neck, shoulders, and/or back. #besmarterthanme

I use this rowing machine:

as my warm-up. I prefer to set the tension on the flywheel at an 8 or 9. Personally, I need the resistance that high or I tend to pull too hard/fast and potentially tweek my back. As this is my warm-up, I set myself at a steady, moderate pace – I’m at about 25 meters/second. I keep that pace for 5 minutes or 1,000 meters, which ever comes SECOND.

After the warm-up (and wiping down the machine #becool), I move on to some strength moves.

My gym has this:

Hoist Fitness Motioncage

Aside from the 5 minute row I do as warm-up, the rest of my workout is done on this machine.

The “Rebounder” is a trampoline that you throw a medicine ball at and catch as it is hurled back at you. Great for the core.

The squats and lunges are done while engaging my arms and core with the stacked weights:

Sandy Kay - Example of Squats

The hammer curls are done with the same weights (much lighter, though) with the pully starting above my head.

*I usually wrap up a gym workout with my yoga flow (below).

And to not die, I created my own

10-minute yoga flow

that has seemed to be fun and beneficial. #gome

Sandy Kay Yoga Flow

Loudly, for the people in the back: I am NOT a professional nor trained in any method of making up workouts for anyone but myself. These workouts are what I’ve used in the past, what I’ve learned though classes and workouts with trained professionals, and things I know my body needs and responds to. Take as much inspiration you want from my words, but PLEASE only do what works for you.



Would you please share your favorite workout in the comments?

I’m always on the lookout for ways to change up my routine.


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