Desperately Seeking Motivation – Words of Wisdom

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I’m back with my Desperately Seeking Motivation series.

I’m sharing how I pulled myself out of the blah feeling I was being crushed by. Spoiler Alert: It wasn’t easy and it was NOT quick. Hell, I’m still working on it.


Lately, I’ve been feeling a lack of motivation….

And you know what helps sometimes?

Other people’s words.

Take what you need.


SK - Everything is solvable

SK - I like you very much

SK - It's okay to not have it figured out yet

SK - Anxiety and confidence

SK - It's okay to

SK - You can and shouldSK - Worth not measured by productivitySK - Positive leadershipSK - Choose joy.SK - Arnold GlascowSK - Be who you areSK - Inspire OthersSK - Don't SettleSK - Never meant to do it aloneSK - More important than 5-year planSK - Don't give upSK - Supporting another's successSK - It's okay to fall downSK - Set goals and crush em

SK - Heal the Soul



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