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Happy Thursday!


I am linking up today for Girl Chat


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These are often my favorite to read, so I hopped on board the linkup.

I got my ish together and photoed a Saturday in the beginning of May. Most of the day was a “typical” Saturday for our family, but the evening included MyHusband and I celebrating our anniversary (which was the next day, but #babysitteravailability).

Here we go:

Day in the Life – May 5


Started out the day at 6:00am. MyChild is on a pretty good schedule, waking up at 5:30am for school during the week, and this doesn’t really change for the weekend. Oh well.


High protein breakfast for this day. On the bottom of the bowl is brown rice. Next layer is sautéed spinach in evoo and garlic, topped with an over-easy egg. And a couple of sausage links on the side.


Saturdays are for swim lessons.

My favorite coffee situation right now is MY cold brew concoction.

I buy Method Roasters Kingpin whole bean coffee, grind it myself, and brew it in this pitcher for 12ish hours. I am hooked on this coffee – it is dark, a little bitter, chocolate notes, with just a hint of cherry at the end. SO GOOD. I use Starbucks Vanilla Syrup with a dash of Torani Dark Chocolate sauce for flavoring and then a splash of skim milk. Every day, if possible.

I hadn’t paid attention and forgot to order my coffee beans, so I was struggling for a couple of days, but I grabbed Starbucks on the way to the gym to make it through the day. This is a grande Narino 70 Cold Brew with a splash of 1% milk, 1 packet of honey, 2 pumps of Mocha Sauce, and 5 pumps of Vanilla Syrup. It is not the same, but it will do.

Also pictured is my bullet journal, because I am always taking notes or trying to keep track of something.


Following the swim lessons, MyHusband and I usually got to yoga or work out. This morning we choose the open workout (instead of class). My usual workout is 10 minutes on the rowing machine (my new favorite torture device), 20 minutes of abs, squats, weights (in some order/intensity), finishing up with 15 minutes of walking/running intervals. I love this treadmill, because I play sudoku the whole time (even while running) and it makes the workout less boring.


After the gym, we usually got to our favorite Mexican restaurant.

I know.


I had some time in the afternoon, so I worked on creating two cardboard cameras for MyChild. Her class was putting on an end-of-year program and she needed a camera.

Her first thought was, “I can borrow yours, Mommy!”



This photo is the result of spray paint and little caring.

*Pro Tip: spray your spray-painted hand with WD40, rub, then use dawn dish soap. No more spray paint.

To celebrate our anniversary, #8years, MyHusband and I headed out to dinner.



We fancy.

After dinner, we went to paint some pottery.


Two hours and 45 minutes later our painting was perfect.


Good night, y’all.


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