Friday Fives: Dress Up Days at School

Happy Friday!


Well, here we are in May. #MyChild has 13 ½ days left of school.



I wavier across all of the emotions: HOW is my baby finishing kindergarten?!? Why isn’t school over with already? WHY do we still have to do things?

I get senior-itis every year, in school or not. I’m just done by now.


And this year (though it does seem like a common occurence anymore), May is messy. Between MyHusband’s travel schedule, my own work deadlines, and ALL THE EXTRAS FOR SCHOOL (WHAT?!?!), I have redundant calendars upon redundant calendars to keep track of everything.

The Kindergarten teaching team (#blessthem) are having fun extras the whole month of May.

I love them, but WHY?

Aren’t we done with the super-fun-extra-special-days?

I am subtly reminded of Jen Hatmaker’s Worst End of School Year Mom Ever and Melissa Ratdke’s Red Ribbon Week

I WANT to be a fun and awesome mom, but c’mon.

It’s May. I work full time. I’m just trying to keep us all alive.

Okay, this is not just a whining/bitch fest. I have something for you.

In March (right next to Spring Break #killme), MyChild’s school had a “fun dress week.” We participated. SHE loved it. That’s all that matters, right?

So, if you are subject to participating in fun extras this month, here are a few ideas if you need them.

Fun Dress Day Ideas

1. Super Hero Day


ALL. Store. Bought.

She still wears the cape around the house on occasion.

Zero. Shame.

2. Favorite Character Day


Rainbow Dash (Equestria Girls version)

Repeat of her birthday/Halloween costume.

I’m not a mean mom, her birthday is four days after Halloween – it’s always been the same theme. #genius

cutie mark shirt | wings |ears | tail is homemade

3. Athletic Day

Thank God we joined a gym last fall.


Joking. All of this is stuff she already owned. I got the shirts and shorts on consignment last fall and the zip-up hoodie is from Primary (one of my FAVE places).

4. Beginning Letter of Your Name Day (catchy title, huh?)

MyChild was goldfish.


For some real reference, she’s wearing one of those $3 t-shirts from Hobby Lobby in a Child’s Medium/size 8. I cut out 144 3” circles of plain yellow cotton fabric and the same of glittery, gold tulle. Quick straight line across the top ½” of a tulle circle layered on top of a cotton circle created a scale. I (machine) sewed 8 circle scales in a row all the way around the bottom of the shirt. There is just a bit of a gap between the circles. The next row up is centered over that gap.


All the way up to the top. You may need more circles if you want more scales or need a bigger shirt.

From the extra gold tulle I cut out fins for the sleeves and a large tail fin.

5. I will make you fishers of men Day (private school)

The guidelines were to dress as if you were going fishing. I am all for buying accessories or outfits for these days, but usually its if I know she will wear the clothes again or play with/use the stuff.

We have ZERO need for fishing tackle – though I did have some fun ideas for a costume for her.

I decided that MyChild was going to be the ocean/fish instead.


Again, this is a $3 t-shirt from Hobby Lobby. (I love these shirts, just know they run small and usually shrink. Size up.) The water and sky are done with fabric ink. I already had this. I have also done something similar with liquid watercolors in a spray bottle (just know it won’t be permanent and will totally wash away) and tie dye ink would, of course, work, too.

I started by spraying the entire shirt with the blue/sky color. I roughly cut out waves from parchment paper and just held it up to the shirt as I sprayed the aqua/ocean color on the bottom 1/2 of the shirt. Let dry. A lot.

The fish are craft foam glued on to the shirt with fabric glue. No, this shirt is not washable. Originally, I was going to cut out felt fish and sew them on, but sometimes I just can’t.

I did hand tie the net because I did NOT want to drive to Academy or Walmart to buy one. I used yarn I had on hand. (Some day I will show you the craft store that is my home office.)

We can do this! The end of the year is near!

Hope you have a great weekend!


Where’s my mojito?




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