Friday Faves: Podcast Episodes

Happy Friday!


It is no secret that I enjoy a good podcast. (here | here | here)

I recently had a problem with one of the podcasts I regularly listen to. 1. I started to find the episodes annoying, rather than exciting and engaging, and 2. the host had become more self-righteous and condescending (though I’m sure they didn’t mean to). I just couldn’t listen any longer.

So, this left a hole in my podcast rotation. PLEASE let me know in the comments what your favorite podcast is so I can expand my list.

Favorite Podcast Episodes


1. For the Love with Jen Hatmaker

Eat Cake & Be Brave: The Funny Formula for Life with Melissa Radke

The Life Behind the Party with Aarti Sequeira 

The Girlfriend’s Guide to… Girlfriends! with Vicki Iovine


2. Dais Podcast by Rachel Hollis

How to Start and Grow a Small Business with Christy Wright

Steps to Actually Achieve a Goal

Something Else Won’t Make You Happy, But Here’s What Will – Chapter 1, Girl Wash Your Face


3. Bible Binge with Knox and Jamie

Adam & Eve



4. Goaldigger with Jenna Kutcher

Writing a Book 101 with Rachel Hollis

Chatting with a Lawyer: How to Legally Protect Yourself

10 Things I’m Afraid to Tell You


5. Marriage is Funny

Rule 51 – Everything is Annoying when You’re Already Irritated

Rule 56 – Never Change a Policy When Your Partner is Out of Town

Rule 69 – An Irish Goodbye is the Best Way to Leave a Party


Happy Weekend

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Don’t forget to share your favorites below. Thanks!


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