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One kind word can warm three winter months. – Japanese Proverb

Words can do that. They can be uplifting and motivational. They can make the situation better. An apology can repair a broken relationship. They can make you feel like you are on top of the world. An unexpected compliment can make your entire day better.

Watch someone’s face when you tell them you are proud of them. Do it.



They can also be completely empty. A throw-away comment can send you into a spiral of self-doubt and questioning. They can be pithily tossed about so often that you wonder if the speaker is even aware they are saying it.

What words do you throw around? Are they positive? Constructive? Or are they an insult or a complaint?


Words can form an opinion, a bond, a career.

I believe you can speak things into existence. - Jay Z

Think about those times when it was the first time you heard “I love you.” Tell me your heart didn’t feel like it was about to burst.

YOU have that effect on people, too.


Words spoken in an unfulfilled promise can destroy everything you thought you knew. They can cut you to the quick, slash your heart to ribbons, and make you feel so tiny.


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I hear that word in new broadcasts, headlines, and articles so often that I have started to think:

But, then I started to do a Google search of headlines from 2019 containing “unprecedented”.

Unprecedented number of Presidential insults (BY the President)

Unprecedented rate toward HUMAN extinction

Unprecedented relationship between Fox News and the President

Unprecedented Bushfires

Unprecedented Criminal Obstruction

Unprecedented Border Crisis

Unprecedented Impeachment

Unprecedented Arctic Changes

Unprecedented power of Facebook

Unprecedented Hong Kong Chaos

Unprecedented flooding in Louisiana

Unprecedented shooting in New Zealand

Unprecedented violence in St. Paul

Unprecedented report on how gun violence impacts kids

Unprecedented lock down of Kashmir

Unprecedented Flooding in the US South

Unprecedented intentional blackouts in Southern California

Unprecedented Snow Storm

Unprecedented and Life Threatening Polar Vortex

Please, remember:
this is not an exhaustive list AND
they are only from 2019.

Okay, maybe they are using the word correctly.

unprecedented definition

Honestly, I’m exhausted by all of the “unprecedented” things happening in our world.

Can we all just be cool?!?


Let’s start creating “unprecedented”
good in the world!

Unprecedented voter turnout!

Unprecedented support for eradicating poverty!

Unprecedented access to healthcare for everyone!

Unprecedented graduation rates!

Unprecedented peace!

Can we please try?


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2020. We can do this!