Favorite Things that are Saving My Life Lately

Sometimes the road is all uphill and everything is a struggle.

In amongst the hardness there are glimmers of hope and posts of brightness among the dim. Barbara Brown Taylor’s thoughts on “what’s saving your life right now?” springs to mind readily in times like these. I, personally, am terrible at looking back, taking stock, and counting my wins. I am much more the type to finish a project (huge or small) and think, “Okay, that’s done; what’s next?”

I am trying to be more present in the everyday and identify (or search for) those small wins that really help me keep going.

Here are a few of my favorites lately that are saving my life:

SK Favorite Stuff Lately 06242022

Medluna Medical Spanish Guide Notebook

I live in Houston. A HUGE proportion of our population is primarily Spanish-speaking. I do have some high school Spanish that I have retained, but in the past year I’ve really tried to step it up and learn more. I have a couple of Medluna’s Medical Spanish Badges and was thrilled when they came out with this full collection notebook.

Language Priority ASL ABC T-shirt

With a goal to become multi-lingual, I signed myself up for Language Priority’s Basic Conversational Intro class and LOVED it. I followed up with the next level – ASL 101 – while I had the room in my schedule. I’ve taken a break for the summer due to scheduling chaos, but I hope to get back into them during the fall/winter. I highly recommend these classes – they are so fun while learning another language!

Simkaye’s Racoon Postcard and Stickers

Look, I love supporting artists whenever I can and sometimes you just identify with a stressed-out racoon. What can I say?

SK – I Choose Violence Spotify Playlist

One day, when dealing with Houston Traffic™, I was incredibly stressed out and pissy. I didn’t want music that would calm me down, so I created a playlist that leaned into the anger and whatnot. The cruel trick is that now, I’ve conditioned myself to feel better when I listen to this playlist. Something about emotional-support-rappers….

Pink Lily – So This Is Love Bralette

I finally found a bralette that isn’t spread too wide in the front (I don’t need my boobs hanging out in my armpits) AND is comfortable. These are incredibly comfortable – I bought it in 3 colors – and I wear them all the time under tanks, because of Houston Summer.

Raycon – The Everyday Earbuds

I admit, these were absolutely purchased because of an Instagram Influencer™. But I am incredibly glad I bought them for myself. I had an old pair of workout earbuds that My Husband hadn’t liked, but were ….fine…. until they finally (after 5 years) started to annoy more than help my workouts. I tried these earbuds out and love them. Have the option for Awareness Mode really helps, too, if I’m working out outside or busy in my office and someone comes in. I got the rose gold color and love them.

Loopy Case

Again, a direct IG Influencer – with a discount code (I’m not stupid) – BUT. I had this case on my phone for two hours and I seriously wondered how I had survived without it. Never looking back, now. Also, I have a Samsung Galaxy S8+ – it’s sooo old, I know – but they also have cases for my relic, along with everybody’s fancy newer phones.

Now What?: How to Move Forward When We’re Divided (about Basically Everything) by Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers

Read my full review HERE

The Lazy Genius Kitchen by Kendra Adachi

Read my full review HERE

Nadiya Bakes by Nadiya Hussain

I loved Nadiya on The Great British Baking Show and her own show on Netflix is really fun to watch. MyChild saw this in the bookstore and said, “Hey, this is that show! You wouldn’t have to look up the recipes!” So it was purchased. I’m having a lot of fun baking my way through it.

Cats Vs Pickles – Chesire Bean

This little bean just makes me happy.

Liquid IV – Tangerine

Replacing those electrolytes as much as possible and Tangerine is the only flavor I like.

Nike Metcon 7

A. New shoes!
B. Great for my increased strength training. I ordered these in my [usual] Women’s size 10 and they work great. I love these for lunges and squats. I would not run in these – I still have my Adidas Ultra Boosts for that.

Now, as an aside/disclaimer/caveat –
you should not lean too heavily on retail therapy
if your budget doesn’t allow for it, but sometimes treating yourself helps.

I’m here with you; I’m here for you.

See You Next Time!


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