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My Husband is the true sneaker-head in this family.

I have always admired an amazing pair of shoes but much more in passing.

I think my favorite scene in the [fairly terrible] 2009 GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra movie is when Sienna Miller’s Baroness screams at the passengers in a Parisian elevator to get out, then when they have exited, she’s entered the elevator, and the doors are about to close, she calls out to one woman, “Nice shoes!”

But, sneakers were much more a means to an end – I need a pair that don’t make my knees, back, or legs hurt while I’m running. That was about it.

Over the past two or three years, I have started to have a change of heart. Not that there weren’t cute or awesome sneakers all along, I have just started to notice AND WANT more of them.

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I was gathering my favorite shoes lately and realized everything I wear are sneakers – except for those wonderful sandals. I admit – I am a convert.

Starting with these.

These are truly my favorite shoes right now.

I have found these run true to typical size – meaning I bought the 9.5 pair, which is the same size I wear in Brooks, Nike, and Reebok. And, yes, I absolutely bought them because they are the Spider Gwen version. There are 19 versions of these shoes and you should definitely check out the Venom ones

Moving clockwise, the next pair are these classics:

I have had these for several years and have them in a men’s size 8. I had fallen out of wearing them, for no real reason, and then when Golden Goose sneakers stormed onto the stage I found myself really wanting a pair. But, I wasn’t open to the price tag. The pair that kept catching my eye were fairly close to the Superstar style and I started thinking – maybe I can DIY a pair. I decided that if I really wanted to go that route I should just start wearing my Superstars more often and make the glitter decision later. A year later I wear these shoes all the time and have not glittered them up (yet).

Next are yet another pair of Adidas shoes – this is all My Husband’s fault.

I have the Crystal White/Crystal White/Acid Orange version in the 9.5. My Husband has several versions of the Ultraboosts as well as 4 other versions of similar running shoes (I told you – he is the sneakerhead) and has wanted me to try these for years. I finally did and he was right these are the best running shoes I have worn in a very long time.

The last pair of sneakers are

These come in several colors – I have the Birch/Indian Ink/Latte 1 version (it’s a tan and navy combo), are incredibly comfortable, and these are the shoes I usually have on if I have to go into my office.

The last pair of shoes are sandals that I have loved for years.

These are made with incredibly soft, but durable, leather. I have these in the Vintage Brown color, but there are six other colors to choose from, too. I always love wearing these.


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