Book Review – Positively Introverted

Positively Introverted
by Maureen “Marzi” Wilson

Positively Introverted: Finding Your Way in a World Full of People by Maureen Marzi Wilson book cover

Positively Introverted:
Finding Your Way in a World Full of People
by Maureen Marzi Wilson

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Book Description:

Discover how introverts can succeed in a world designed for extroverts with this advice-driven collection of words and illustrations.

Self-proclaimed introvert and creator of Introvert Doodles, Marzi Wilson, knows introverts are still a thriving community. Now she’s back sharing her introvert expertise with a brand-new advice-driven collection of words and illustrations, offering insight on how introverts can succeed in life, focusing on relationships, mental health, career success, and more!

My Take:

SK Book Review - Positively Introverted

A great tool understanding yourself or that introvert in your life.

Once I understood that I was an introvert, things started making so much sense. As an introvert, my energy comes from (I recharge through) alone time. Sometimes being around other people can be too much, but people are everywhere and we love many of them. This book helps with advice, tips, tricks, and escape plans for how to live in this world where we are all so connected.

A warm hug and a feeling of being truly seen.

Another warm hug (if you like that kind of thing) from a wonderful author and illustrator. I found her years ago on Instagram and Marzi’s work had quickly become an auto-purchase for me. Her willingness to share her own situations and vulnerabilities with the world is amazing and I greatly appreciate her making me (and other introverts) feel seen and not alone.

The Final Verdict

SandyKay Book Rating Scale by stars

My rating: 5 stars

Would I recommend? Yes

I highly recommend this book for everyone.

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