Why do they bother you so much?

Why Do They Bother You So Much?

Why do they bother you so much? What have they done?

I look at you and realize it is not anything they’ve done; you just do not like their existence.
Why? Why does their presence rankle you so?

What is it about them that is a problem? What does it say about you?

You have everything.
You have the money, the house, the friends, the power.
It’s not enough, is it?

It will never be enough. 

Instead of working to get yourself more or better, you have decided the best course of action is to take away from others. Those that you deem are less than you. Do you have a list you’ve considered? Do you check them off another group of people as you continue your way through life? Will that even be enough? You take away privileges from here. You take rights from here. You take freedoms from them. You take healthcare from us. Who is next? 

When do you stop? Where do you draw the line? 

Why does their existence threaten you so? Why does it take up time in your life? Why does it take up space in your heart?

Life is not a zero-sum game. There is not one single pie for all of us to survive on. Better for them does not make worse for you. More for me does not take anything away from you.

What would make you happy? The end of our their existence?



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