Houston Adventures: Early Voting for the Primaries has begun!

This one’s for my Texans.

But everyone can check out their local elections and primaries here: What’s On My Ballot

Houston Adventures - Texas Primary Voting Reminder

Early Voting in Harris County is now available.

Early voting has begun in Texas for the statewide Republican and Democratic Primaries, which will be held on March 1.

Voter turn out for these elections are notoriously low – often 6 to 8 percent of registered voters.

I would just like to remind you to think about the people currently in office. Are they performing how you would like them to? Are they supporting efforts you would like?

Republican or Democrat – this is your opportunity to put your BEST candidate forward.

Texans, please ask yourself if our current governor really has your best interest at heart. I’m not asking you vote against your conscious, but is there anyone else who would do a better job?

Our current governor does not represent my political, ethical, nor moral beliefs,
and I hope you are willing to look at his track record and
make decision if he really is the best candidate for the job.


Gov. Greg Abbott signs into law one of nation’s strictest abortion measures

Texas has left billions of dollars on the table by failing to expand Medicaid during Gov. Greg Abbott’s tenure

Governor Abbott Issues Executive Order Prohibiting Government Entities From Mandating Masks

Governor Abbott Issues Executive Order Prohibiting Vaccine Mandates By Any Entity


Texans can carry handguns without a license or training …after Gov. Greg Abbott signs permitless carry bill into law

Governor Abbott Signs Legislation Banning Sanctuary Cities in Texas

Gov. Greg Abbott said he could not guarantee power would stay on throughout Texas this week, just two months after he promised the lights would stay on this winter

Our Future

Gov. Greg Abbott signs Texas’ first statewide anti-trans bill

Does Operation Lone Star violates U.S. Constitution?

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s anti-migrant plan: Many arrested, many detained, few prosecuted

Greg Abbott has signed “critical race theory” bill limiting teaching of current events signed into law

As of 2/15/2022, the current individuals on the primary ballots are:

Greg Abbott
Paul Belew
Daniel Harrison
Kandy Kaye Horn
Donald Huffines
Rick Perry (not the previous governor; new candidate)
Chad Prather
Allen B. West

Inocencio Barrientez
Michael Cooper
Joy Diaz
Beto O’Rourke
Rich Wakeland

Deirdre Dickson-Gilbert
Ricardo Turullols-Bonilla

Fidel Castillo
Mark Tippetts

See You Next Time!


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