A Prayer for the New Year

SK Prayer - For the New Year

A new year has come.

May we look back to last year and remember the good and not ignore the hard.
May we learn from the last year, but not live in it.
May we take what has been planted and flourish.
May we look out for one another; care for one another; protect one another.

We pray for strength as we face this new adventure.
We pray for guidance as we learn and grow and thrive, that we may lift ourselves and our peers higher and higher.
We pray for kindness and gentleness and love and understanding from all directions.
We pray for hope and prosperity and excitement for the new year dawning.

We hold our loved ones, our children, our friends, our enemies, our fears, our hurdles, our hopes, our wishes, our prayers tightly and lightly so that they may all change and grow along side us and in us and for us.

We hold the year, with all it’s possibilities, with a hopeful, but timid hand that we may walk together and
be better than before, better than we imagined, better than ever.

Here’s to 2022.


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