Possibility: Exciting or Terrifying?

Does possibility excite you or terrify you?

Does possibility excite you or terrify you?

When you are presented with a new opportunity – of any size – what is your first reaction?

Yes! Something new! A new challenge. This could be great!

Ugh! Something new. A new challenge. This could be a disaster!

This isn’t an optimist vs. pessimist thing. It’s more than that.

Personally, I am so used to being handed new tasks at work that are now part of my job that I just take them and run with them. Which is why I have become the resident graphic designer and accountant, despite being the actual writer.


There is a popular motivational quote by Erin Hanson:

This has been used as the prompt to just try – you may succeed.

To me, that is almost scarier than failing. The fear of success is real.

That’s ridiculous you say to me.

It works like this: The dread of figuring out childcare and logistics surrounding a book tour have held me back from actually writing the book.


Yes, Sandy, let’s just calm down a little.


It’s time to make some changes, but in a controlled, manageable way.

No jumping the gun, getting ahead of myself, putting the cart before the horse, and all the other clichés. Small steps at a time. It is much easier to course-correct when your movements are slight than leaping out of a plane. While moving to another city, changing careers, starting a new business are all goals, this is really not the time for any of those things to happen. But, what can happen is increasing my savings for a change, taking some personal development courses to get ready for a new path, taking steps to learn what I need to do for my dream business. There are things that I can do to make “possibility” less terrifying while also growing excitement.

I hope you find a way to embrace both.


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