Please note: “typically [used] when criticizing someone’s actions.”

In this era of quarantine, staying home, working from home, not going out, etc. we have so much time for memes, jokes, anecdotes and so on. I know you’ve seen the one joking:

After years of not cleaning my house or
finishing that project because I didn’t have time,
it turns out not having time wasn’t the problem.

Who here feels like they SHOULD be accomplishing so much during this time?

Who, then, feels guilty for not accomplishing ALL. THE. THINGS?

Who here feels like they SHOULD be handling quarantine fine?

Do you feel like you SHOULD just be grateful for your health, your privilege, your life, and walk through this major world trauma with an attitude of sunshine and roses?

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I'm getting sick

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Yeah, you.

The answer to all of these questions is:


You are YOU.

You are important.

YOU are going to deal with every single bit of this in your own way.

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IF you worry about how others are living, where they are on their journey | Assuming they are doing better than you, putting yourself down | Then your much needed focus & energy is being wasted & this focus causes you to feel 😣👇 . 🎨@worry__lines 😊 ✒@anxiety_wellbeing 🌱 . 🔅Energy Your mind and body energy are your tools for change. Think about it, if your mind is full of thoughts focused on others most of the time, their opionion, what they are doing, their 1 moment pictures on social media, their seemingly having a better life than you, putting yourself down, worrying👇 . ❓Guess what There's no energy for you, no room for ideas, for seeing the opportunities. For thoughts that bring good feelings. Your focus is on something out of your control, & probubly causing you to continually worry and thoughts that bring sadness & anxiety. . ✋Notice if you are focused on others & if it's bringing you down? Then, stop take a breathe👇 . 🗣😊Speak to yourself. 'I'm focused on others, this gets me nowhere & not feeling nice, when I could be letting that go and making something for myself, my family, my connections. I am in control of my actions, that's how I'll make a change, in turn give me different thoughts to help change how I feel.👇 . 🌱Plus remember You cannot read minds You don't know how someone's life really is. They may just be putting all their energy in to them & not worrying about others you could do the same. The only way to get somewhere is to be learning what we don't already know. Get started! We are all just trying to grow, trying to get through past experiences, we all want to be loved, be accepted, be understood feel part of something. . 🌱👀If you focus on your growth, & action that, notice when you are being distracted. You will be moving forward & being a great influence for anyone needing to see how. . #anxiety #anxietycoach #copingskills #thrive #wellbeing #prevention #resilience #recovery #rejuvenate #wellness #selfhelp #selfhelper #cbt #support .

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