Book Review – Becoming Us

Becoming Us by
Beth McCord and Jeff McCord

I know my Enneagram number.

I am a Type 6.

Type 6 by Deanna Talwalkar

Truth to tell, I was miss-typed as a Type 2 when I took a test/assessment the first time. I didn’t think much of it or do much with that information at first, but then as more resources came available I started to question my own Type.

Using a different assessment, I have learned I am accurately a Type 6. This information has been quite useful understanding my own motivations and reactions to situations – specifically stress.

When I learned the McCords were going to release a book on relationships,
I jumped right on that.

I love learning about personality types and how they interact. Learning our Love Languages has greatly improved the communication within my marriage. I definitely wanted to learn more about interactions around my own type in addition to specifically within my close relationships.

In advance of this review, I asked MyHusband to take an assessment.
He was typed as a 6. He is not. Almost every teacher of the Enneagram will encourage you to read up on all the types and feel which one is most closely align with your own beliefs, actions, and motivations.
There are tests and assessments, but often the questions are
too nuanced to always result in a conclusive result.

For reference: MyHusband is a Type 9, which goes to 6 in stress, which is probably what he was feeling when he was answering the questions of the assessment.

Becoming Us by Beth McCord and Jeff McCord

Becoming Us by
Beth McCord and Jeff McCord

Book Description:

How Christian couples can understand their personality types—
and build a more powerful bond of love.
If you’ve ever felt baffled by the person you married, join Enneagram Coach Beth McCord and her husband, Pastor Jeff McCord, as they pull back the curtain to reveal why you and your spouse behave in different ways. Applying the Enneagram through the lens of the gospel, they provide practical steps, insights, and tools to better understand yourself and each other. 
Whether you’re preparing for marriage or celebrating a fiftieth anniversary, Becoming Us will revolutionize the way you understand yourself and your spouse, and transform your marriage into the powerful, loving, and satisfying relationship that God intended.

My Take:

Divided into two sections, this book provides so much useful information, resources, and guidance.

Part 1 contains the back story, the overview, the why, and the help in understanding each type.

Written in tandem, headings provide a clear sign of who is speaking. Playing off each other wonderfully and picking right up where the other stopped, reading through this part is like listening to a co-speaker presentation that has been seamlessly created and perfectly rehearsed.

Part 2 starts the deep-dive into each type and how to work with them, understand each type, and practical, actionable guidelines on how to affirm them and avoid deeply hurting them (with or without knowledge/intent).


Favorite Chapter

Becoming Us - Chapter 1: Assumicide

There are great stories and wisdom throughout the book. I chose this as my favorite chapter, because it is the one I identified with the most.

Who among us hasn’t assumed what they were thinking? How they were going to respond? Why even bother bringing it up, because I’ve already had this argument with you and lost [all in my head].

The Final Verdict

My rating: 4.5 stars

Would I recommend? Yes


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