Friday Faves: Myers Briggs

Happy Friday!


Last Friday I started my own little series on personality tests and traits. Yes, I was going for silly – BUT, did you get yourself sorted into your proper house?


This week I’m going to offer some thoughts on they Myers Briggs spectrum.

Myers Briggs

Apart from all of the time spent in high school study hall and late college night with my roommates pouring over horoscopes and numerology (Ares and I’m a 9) to see how we’d match with our current crushes, boyfriends, or potentials, my Myers Briggs personality type is the one I’ve spent the most time on analyzing and learning about myself.

Which would make COMPLETE SENSE as an INFJ.

If you do not know which of the 16 personality types you are, check it out.

I’ll wait.



How did it go?

Again, there are SO many things on Pinterest if you want to learn more about your own type. Just… try not to get sucked down the rabbit hole too far. #byedinah


One of my favorite things to look at are the charts comparing all 16 types. This is especially fun if you know your friends’, spouse’s, or even kids’ types.

Game of Thrones anyone?


Mother of Dragons here

Lord of the Rings?


Musical Instrument?


Flute.  Okay….

Literary Heroine


Disney Villian


Jafar – I can work with that.

Weapon of Choice


I know these are funny/silly, but that’s okay.

I DO believe that knowing your personality type (which can and DOES change throughout your life) can be very beneficial to relationships in your life. Personal, professional, romantic, platonic, parental. All of them could benefit from you knowing yourself a little more.




I hope you have the opportunity to learn a bit about yourself and have a GREAT weekend!

Happy Rabbit Hunting!




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  1. I just took a quiz that was supposed to tell me which Little House character I was the most like, but I ended up getting Dr. Baker. I don’t think that’s very accurate!


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