Current Favorite Artists on IG

It may or may not be obvious that my favorite social medial platform is Instagram.

I have a wide variety of accounts I follow – because we are all very diverse individuals with a range of interests. I follow #bookstagram, influencers, comics, politicians, news outlets, writers, business coaches, and people who live in cities I love to or want to visit.

Regularly, for my mental health, I go through my list of accounts I am following to weed out any that regularly make me roll my eyes, make me irrationally irritated, or whatever.

Here are some of the accounts I’ve added [relatively] recently that have a positive impact on my feed.

In the category of
makes me smile and
brightens my day,
I have:

Cartoon Connie

Three Under the Rain

Poorly Drawn Lines

Bonnie Pang Art

Hubman & Chubgirl

4am Shower

Foxes in Love

And in the category of
jaw-dropping amazing artists,
I have:


Ester Conceicao

Roy Trinh

Salomey Draws

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