Book Review with MyChild – Escape from Hat

Escape from Hat
by Adam Kline and Brian Taylor

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Book Review with MyChild!

Books are critically important in our family – the saying around here goes, “I am always willing to spend money on books and Legos.” As a refresher, MyChild is 8-years-old, in third grade, reads on her own, and her current favorite books to read are graphic novels – especially those by Raina Telgemeier and the Amulet series.

Escape from Hat by Adam Kline and Brian Taylor

Escape from Hat
by Adam Kline and Brian Taylor

Book Description:

Good and bad luck battle to control the world in this hilarious and enchanting illustrated middle grade novel about a lucky rabbit, an evil black cat, and one hapless boy caught between them, from award-wining screenwriter and debut author Adam Kline.
We all have good luck and bad, courtesy of our very own lucky rabbits and bad-luck black cats. Most people never notice them.Cecil Bean certainly never noticed the villainous cat, Millikin, that lurked around every corner or his devoted rabbit, Leek, who was never far from his side. At least not until Millikin hatches a deliciously evil plan to vanish Leek into a magician’s hat, leaving Cecil with no good luck at all and stranding poor Leek in a world that no rabbit has ever escaped from. Leek and Cecil will do anything to find their way back to each other—even if it means facing enormous odds and seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Our Review:

Mom: On a random trip to the bookstore, My Husband found this book and we are so glad he did. We read this book together at bedtime – one chapter per night. It is so cute with a great lesson at the end – as all good books have. Also, the illustrations are AMAZING!

MyChild: My favorite part was the Jungle Prime Evil and how they made friends with the pigs.

Artwork by MyChild

Mom: The book is about making one’s own luck – rather than relying on lucky rabbits or blaming bad luck-brining cats, but it is also filled with the adventures of meeting new friends and the luck and assistance each acquaintance can bring to your life.

MyChild: I also really like the last battle and how many portals into our world there are and I really liked how Millikin ended up – but I don’t want to give away the surprise.

Mom: My one drawback to reading this book aloud is the plentiful use of “ten-dollar words.” This is actually a reoccurring message throughout the book and explanations are given, but sometimes it slowed down the story with the extra vocabulary lessons. I would still highly recommend this book.

The Final Verdict

Our rating: 4.5 stars

Would we recommend? Yes


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