Dear Influencer,

Dear Influencer,

You are on social media by your own choice.

Someone/everyone has an opinion on what you do, what you say, how you parent, how you run your business, your household, your life.

I’m not saying it’s fair or right, but it’s what the reality of being an influencer on social media is these days.

Some people [clearly] get out of hand and take it too far, but for you to come at anyone who disagrees with you and call them a jealous hater, well that’s just dumb.

I don’t hate you.

Hate definition

That’s too strong of a word and it takes too much effort. I don’t have the energy to waste on disliking you.

Am I jealous of you?

Let’s see….

Jealous definition

Not in particular.

Would I be happy with the demonstrated amount of liquid spending money you have?

Sure! Then I wouldn’t have to save up for a year
to replace my kitchen table without guilt.

Do I envy the amount of free time you have by “working” from home and on luxury trips?

Hell, yes!


8 tips to lessen the number of your “jealous haters”

I know there are tricks to getting flattering photos
(9 Simple Poses to Look Better in your Instagram Photos,
Reality v. Instagram, and Plandids)
but too many people are taking these tips too far….


1. Please stand up

Hunching over does not make you look smaller. It makes you look like you have back problems.

2. Please smile like a human

These aren’t real smiles/laughs.

3. What are you doing with your feet?

These tricks don’t really work.

They don’t make your legs look longer. Your legs don’t look skinnier. You don’t look more cute.

You just look like an idiot.


4. Do not drive while insta-storying!

I don’t think this one needs more explanation.

We can SEE you.

You are putting yourself, your family, and other innocent people in danger.

Stop it.

5. Please stop showing your child naked/in underwear/in certain poses in swim or dancewear.

Just don’t.

Social Media and Child Predators

Common Hashtags and Pedophiles

It’s not at all hard to find many more articles like this.

Pause before You Post

6. Please stop showing your child hurt/sick/emotionally upset

Why do you do this?

Are those comments about “Oh, you’re such a good parent!” really worth your child’s privacy?

Simple thought:
If you wouldn’t want a photo/video of you
sick/hurt/puking/whatever posted, it probably isn’t appropriate to post.

Grow Up

7. Stop whining.

At this time of year there seems to be two camps of bitching posts:

  1. Ugh, you guys! I have to do a load of laundry, pack for 17 days in the Bahamas, get my kids packed, and make sure someone else has handled everything else about this trip. Then, when we get back I have two whole days until we leave for Fiji! Do you know how hard my life is?!?!?
  2. OMG you guys! My kids are home for the summer. Ahh! How did this happen? Why aren’t they self-entertained? Why do my kids need things from me, their mom, all the time? #momminghard

Get over yourself.

You aren’t relatable. Your humble bragging about taking 8 summer vacations is not going to make anyone feel sorry for you.

Also, the my-kids-are-assholes-narrative is done.

It’s not funny.

They’re your kids. You can work to change their behavior. Plan something that’s only for them – not “Mommy needs to go take photos so you can have this snack in the car.”

8. Stop blaming the algorithm/Facebook/Instagram/[insert your platform here]

Yes, sometimes it is harder for your followers to see your stuff. I’m sorry that happens. I know you worked hard on that post.

But, you know what?

Other times, we see that photo, read the caption, and keep scrolling. The outfit wasn’t our style, the caption wasn’t as funny as you thought, the whole thing was boring.

I’m sorry. It’s true.

You are a content creator. Put effort into creating great content. Your engagement will go much higher, I’m sure.

On that note: Engagement is a two-way street.

Are you just yelling at your audience to: Like my post! Swipe up here! Leave me a review! Have you liked their comments? Have you responded to their valid questions?

You chose to become a blogger/social media maven/influencer. It is not our responsibility to maintain your lifestyle. Asking your followers to jump through extra hoops so you can have one of those 8 summer vacations just adds up how un-relateable you are acting.

Please stop placing the burden on us for your commission. An actual disclaimer I’ve had thrown in my face:

“If you like my picks,
please consider NOT checking out in the app,
but in your web browser, via my links.
I do not make a commission on in app purchases.
Thank you! xo!”

Bottom Line

We want to follow you.

We like you for a reason. We [usually] want your suggestions.

Please, think about your followers and not just your paycheck.

Why did you start blogging/posting? Didn’t you enjoy sharing your finds and recommendations?

Today, everyone is promoting and advertising the same thing at the same time.

Switch it up a bit!

Put yourself in your posts.

Your opinion, your personality, your thoughts.
Not just the same force-fed copy that seven other influencers are posting on their feeds.

We miss you!


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  1. I really enjoyed this post! I’m what might be considered a micro-micro-micro influencer 😉 basically, not really an influencer, and I’ll credit it to one thing – I want to remain me and be completely authentic and genuine. I will never have those “photo ready” “smiles” and that’s okay. Thanks for sharing this!

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