Friday Fives: Working at a Nonprofit

Happy Friday, y’all!


I know I have whined about my job in the past. Who doesn’t?

But, I got to thinking about how many people don’t really know what a nonprofit is/does. You may know that usually a nonprofit organization exists to provide some sort of charity or good to the community. Food banks, animal shelters, housing projects, etc. Did you also know all of your favorite museums, zoos, aquariums, and arts organizations* are ALSO nonprofit organizations?

*including and not limited to: opera and ballet companies, art galleries, stage theater productions, symphonies, and so many more.

As amazing as these organizations are, there is A LOT of work that goes on to achieve our mission and goals.

The Ideal

Your organization has a lot of money and can easily provide for every person, animal, etc. who needs your help.



The Outlook

You and your team work together and raise a lot of money to make the world a better place.




The Realization

You work there for a few weeks (sometimes months, if you’re lucky) and you come up to your first event/fundraising campaign. You learn your goals, the expectations of what the event should look like, and your available budget (lack-there-of).



The Work

You through a party on a shoestring budget for people who could fund your salary without thinking twice WITHOUT looking like you spent any money. Oh, and you can’t look too desperate with your ask.



The Everyday




Bonus: The Caveat

Please don’t mistake me. Nonprofit organization are AMAZING places that do WONDERFUL things for our communities throughout the world. I’ve been working in the nonprofit world for nearly a decade. I believe in the mission of my organizations and support several others.



Just being on the inside can be very frustrating.


(Not an ask/appeal/whatever) IF you feel like you want to support a nonprofit organization, I would suggest you check them out on Charity Navigator for a little background information on what they do and where the money goes (how it’s spent: programs/people vs. salaries for the CEO or administration costs).



Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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