10 Things About Me

Hey there!




Hi, I’m Sandy, and I hate writing or talking about myself.

You should see me try to update my resume.


1.I am an INFJ.


There are so many times I want to just use this as the explanation for all that I am.


2. I am a writer. As a hobby, as a paid job, and someday being paid for writing the books that are floating around in my head.

3. I am a photographer. Only as a hobby, currently. But, again, there are big plans.

4. I am married to #MyHusband. We just celebrated our 7th anniversary. I never expected a fairy tale going into marriage, but I kind of wish I would have known that sometimes it would just be HARD. We are coming out of a rough, HARD season, but we are still here and we are still madly in love.

5. I have one daughter, #MyChild. She turns six on Saturday. She’s my little mini-me.


She has her dad’s eye color, his nose, and his fingers. The attitude is all me.


6. Our family is completed by #MyDog and #YourDog. Both rescues. Both awesome. #YourDog is a mix of German Shepherd, Chow, and Retriever, meaning she LOVES to be outside and she SHEDS.LIKE.CRAZY.


#MyDog is a Border Terrier mix who is CLEARLY my dog and plays the roll of the cat in our family.


7. We live in the South, so the weather is fun.


More specifically, we are in Houston. Yes. Hurricane Harvey. #HoustonStrong



8. I am a bit of a book worm. I do love to read. Most of the time life gets in my way, but I am constantly trying to deal with my To Be Read pile.

9. My One Little Word of 2017 is “Try.”


Yes, Yoda, I know. Thank you.

But my INTENTION is to try new things or to do all those things that I always talk about that “I should do that!”

10. I am full of random, sometimes useful, trivial information and talents. Which could be why I have trouble talking/writing about myself – it’s just who I am. I rarely think that I am anything special. It’s a failing of mine.


Anyway, there’s a bit about me. I hope some of what I write can at least make you smile.

Have a great day!


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