What’s Up Wednesday


I am joining in on the What’s Up Wednesday linkup because it’s fun and I’m having a bit of writers block… as you might have noticed.

Let’s do this!


What We’re Eating This Week

Every few weeks we/I realize that I’m slipping back into some bad eating habits – going for quick and easy instead of healthy and good for you – and try to rein it back in. So meals this week have been grilled stead or chicken with roasted veggies (butternut squash, broccoli, brussel sprouts, etc.) and some kind of grain.


But I DID have to make risotto with seared shrimp.


What I’m Reminiscing About

Halloween has always been fun in our family. Usually we hit up 3 or four pumpkin patches and trick or treating events throughout the month.





What I’m Loving

Instagram stories. In general.

Lumosity. The free version.


Homescapes. Another version of candy crush, but I like having at least one mindless game for breaks.


What We’ve Been Up To


Kinder soccer Saturdays. Thursday practices. Extra laundry.

What I’m Dreading

Work. It’s cliche and whiny. I am aware. #knowingishalfthebattle. My boss is so sure we aren’t going to make our annual goals… though I’ve already surpassed mine by 40% (and still waiting to hear from more), our major event met it’s goal, and another group are at 98% of theirs. She clearly doesn’t do math well. #awesomeleader


What I’m Working On

#MyChild is going to be Rainbow Dash for Halloween and her birthday party (a few days later), so I am finishing up the costume. This year’s was relatively easy.


Primary.com to the rescue!

The Hoodie in Pool

The Pocket Skirt in Raspberry

The Under Short in Black

Rainbow Dash Cutie Mark T from Redbubble

Lace up Converse from Journeys


What I’m Excited About


All of it.

#MyChild’s birthday is in the beginning of the month.

#MyHusband turns 40 in the middle and we are taking an overnight trip to celebrate.

Thanksgiving. This is truly my favorite holiday. Why not? It’s focus is being with people you like and eating a lot of food!


What I’m Watching/Reading

Currently Watching:


Yes, this is due to #MyHusband having control of the remote, but it’s actually good! In a “How it’s Made” kind of way. #MyChild even requests it.


There is just an electricity in the air in this city. We are so proud of our team. (I do know they lost last night, but there are still 6 games to play. #gostros!)

Currently Reading:

Chasing Slow

Yes. Still.

What I’m Listening To



What I’m Wearing

Black pants, nice shirt, ballet flats. Gray pants, nice shirt, ballet flats. Oatmeal pants, nice shirt, ballet flats. Blue pants, nice shirt, ballet flats. Repeat. Every. Damn. Day.

I REALLY need to up my wardrobe. But why bother.

What I’m Doing this Weekend

Soccer Saturday. Cleaning big for family coming in next week. Halloween at the zoo.


What I’m Looking Forward to Next Month

Just about everything! November is always busy, but fun.

What Else is New

I got my very first root canal on Friday the 13th. It actually went VERY well.

I had let a broken tooth go almost 6 years before I got it fixed… **hangs head in shame**


It is so weird to be able to bite and eat normal.

Public Service Announcement: Get your damn teeth checked. You know you probably haven’t been like you should have been. Don’t be like me.

Bonus: What is your Thanksgiving Side Dish?

Last year, we hosted Thanksgiving, so I had complete control over the menu. It was SO good. We brined the turkey in maple and bourbon, which made an awesome gravy, had wonderful mashed potatoes, roasted veggies, and all the other fun things. One thing we have held onto and made occasionally throughout the year is a new type of dressing/stuffing:
I am not really a fan of Giada, but I give her a pass on this one. This dressing is/was SO good.

Hope you have a great day!

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