On Love

Recently, this commercial has been on a LOT. It drives me absolutely crazy.

Generally, I want to turn to My Husband and annoyingly ask, “WoUlD yOu HeLp Me LeArN tO wAlK aGaIn?!?!” with fake tears in my eyes. However, the stupidity and fakeness of this commercial always holds me back. Finally, one night, after seeing it 3 times in less than an hour, I pointed out my biggest problem with it.

“Where the F was he if he VISITED you every day?”

My Husband agreed, “Why wasn’t he with you?”

Even if it is hospitalization, it’s a really weird choice of words. The “visited” is the part that I’m struggling with – as much as possible, My Husband would be with me. It wouldn’t be a “visit.”

When it comes to terrible marketing campaigns, I usually think, “Oh, someone should be fired for this one.”

Someone thought this up. Someone approved this. Someone directed this. Someone acted this. Someone edited this. and Someone approved this final version.

NO ONE thought there was a better way to convey this story?

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Note: The following thoughts pertain to healthy, consensual relationships. If you need help:
24/7 National Domestic Violence Hotline
Languages: English, Spanish and 200+ through interpretation service
SMS: Text START to 88788

Love is different for everyone.

Love is felt and experienced differently among all of us.

There is no “right” way to be in love.

Of course jewelry companies are going to tell you that you need this particular accessory to know that you are really in love. But, I think most of us know better.

Now, I am not going to expound on 1 Corinthians – mostly because I find it trite and over used – but here it is for reference:

1 Corinthians 13: 4-8a

Love is and may be and can be all of those things.

But, you know what else?

Love is hard.
Love is difficult.
Love hurts sometimes.
Loving someone else is giving a part of yourself to someone else and trusting them not to break it.

Love is also fluid. It flexes, it bends, it grows, it shrinks.

It takes a lot for it to break.

Love Story

Love Story (1970) Movie Poster

I have never see the movie Love Story (1970) mainly due to the line “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”

Spongebob Bullshit gif

Love ABSOLUTELYY means apologizing.

The person in my life to whom I apologize the most is My Husband.
Followed closely by My Child.

I love them both so much and I want them to know that I am sorry and contrite for my actions or behavior that hurt them.

Why wouldn’t you apologize?????

It goes right along with Please and Thank You.
Our basic manners should definitely apply to those closest to us, not just strangers and acquaintances.

TL;DR: Love is difficult, strong, amazing, unique, and absolutely worth it.
Don’t be afraid to feel it, show it, and spread it.

I hope you have a wonderful day!


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