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SK Show Review - Winter Watched Roundup

Lately, My Husband and I have caught up on a lot of TV and movies. Here are a few thoughts.

Glass Onion Movie Poster

We watched this movie when it first came to streaming – like many, many other people did. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I found it hilarious and fun to watch.

Then I started seeing other people commenting on how the first (Knives Out) was better. I got to thinking, because at first I was thinking that this one (Glass Onion) was better. Hmmm…

I do like the setting and story line of Knives Out a little better (dark academia and all) and I found the casts comparable. So for a while I couldn’t think what was deterring me from Knives Out.

Then I realized:
1. Ana de Armas is hit or miss for me. I didn’t really like her character.
2. Some of the plot/story lines of Knives Out were overly/needlessly complicated – not adding to the story.
3. Probably most importantly, Marta’s “tell” for when she’s lying did me in. I cannot handle seeing that and it was overdone for the shock value.

I guess I feel like I like Glass Onion more, because I would be willing to watch it again. I’ve never cared to watch Knives Out a second time.

Andor Show Poster

Rogue One is my favorite Star Wars movie.

I think by now everyone has mentioned Andor and how the first three episodes leave you feeling, “Should I even keep going????” and then you watch the next few and realize you are all in and about to join the rebellion.

This was a really good series to watch.

How I Met Your Mother Show Poster

My Husband started watching this series – because he never had. Surprised me a little. I had watched it when it originally aired. I watched much of the first season with him (due to a lull in my work load) and thought, “Hey, this was pretty funny – I wonder why I stopped watching [back in the day].” We get into the second and third seasons and “Oh, yeah – that’s why.”

The character of Robin is terrible. The writing for her is terrible. Explains why I wasn’t a fan of Colbie Smulders and why I was disappointed she was involved in the Marvel franchise. Also explains why I hated the series finale.

The writing got very sloppy and lazy in the third season – relying heavily on guest appearances (Britney Spears as a stalker and Enrique Iglesias as a bring-home-from-vacation boyfriend). I checked and this was during the Writers Guild of America Strike in 2007 – which makes sense, but still makes for some terrible episodes.  

Willow Series Poster


Okay, I’m not a huge fan of the original movie, but I was willing to watch this series for the sentimental/nostalgia factor.


The writing wasn’t that great, I really didn’t need the teen angst (who was their audience for this series?), and the series was two episodes too long.

The Menu Movie Poster

We knew we wanted to watch this one and we were pretty sure we needed to watch it without My Child around.

Correct on both parts.

This movie was so good. The writing was EXCELLENT and the performance by ever cast member was perfect.

Even if you “know” what is going to happen – the journey is amazing.

Tick, Tick, Boom! Movie Poster

I did not know anything about this movie at all, but I had seen reviews that it was good. I had added it to my Netflix watchlist and My Husband chose it one night.

This was SO good – I cried a couple times.
1. The strains of Rent throughout the entire movie just add to the brilliance.
2. The cameos and cast are so worth watching the movie.
3. The story itself is heartbreaking and beautiful.

    I loved this one.

    Wednesday Series Poster

    I had originally brushed this one aside as 1) I don’t really care, 2) I didn’t want a remake of the movies I’d grown up with, and 3) I didn’t think anyone else in my family cared.

    My Husband suggested watching it, so I agreed. Even My (11-yr-old) Child watched the whole thing with us. Not surprising as it’s geared toward her age group.

    We really enjoyed this one. There are quite a few nods and such to the previous versions of the show and movies which made the nostalgia perfect for any of us who know those others without bogging down this new offering.

    Top Gun: Maverick Movie Poster

    My Husband and My Child saw this movie in the theaters; I was unable to go along because of work commitments. We watched this on streaming.

    Hesitation #1: I grew up on the original and have seen it countless times.

    Hesitation #2: I am not a big fan of Miles Teller AND I didn’t really care about the character of Goose in the original.

    Hesitation #3: I am really tired of everyone remaking and rebooting and reimagining things that already exist. I don’t need to see a new version of a show/movie I’ve watched for 30 years.

    Reality: This movie was REALLY good. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. I did tear up at a couple points (you know what I’m talking about [reality meets creativity]) and I really liked how they handled the difficult position Maverick put himself in – in his career, life, and future.

    Amsterdam Movie Poster

    I know this got some iffy reviews, however:
    1. the cast is massive – so half the fun was being shocked with “OMG, I didn’t know they were in this movie!”
    2. I really enjoyed this movie. There is a lot of subtextual commentary on events from roughly 2 years ago, which made it better in my opinion.

    Up Next for us

    The Last of Us Series Poster
    Wakanda Forever Movie Poster
    Mandalorian Season 3
    The Banshees of Inisherin Movie Poster
    Formula 1: Drive to Survive Season 5

      What have you watched lately?
      Did you love it? Hate it?

      I hope you have a wonderful day!


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