New Year, Still Here

I’m going to lose 20 pounds this year.
I’m going to run a marathon.
I’m going to read 2022 books this year.
I’m going to make a million dollars this year.
I’m going to find my spouse this year.
I’m going to be Parent of the Year this year.
I’m going to give up alcohol, sugar, and red meat this year.
I’m going to make my carbon footprint negative this year.

Everywhere I turn, my email, Instagram, news, etc. is full of resolutions and declarations of New Year; New Me! and THIS IS MY YEAR!

I learned a few years ago that January 1 does not work as the best starting point/refresh point for me. I’ve worked for several different organizations all with different fiscal years. Some started January 1, another July 1, another was September 1. #accountingisridiculous

After some thought and reading, I realized, for me, that January is still winter and slow and quiet time for my goals. I do best when I make goals and plans and life changes in the spring – March 1st for me.

SK New Year Post it - New Year, I'm Still Here

I applaud all those who want to make changes after the holiday season and are refreshed to begin in January. Personally, I’m past the “Oh, Lord, can I just make it to the break” feeling in December, but January is very: let’s just chill with a book, spend time reflecting on how we survived, and if there’s anything I would like to change. So right now, I am just HERE.

If you are working toward a new year’s resolution – Go you!
If you don’t believe in new year’s resolutions – You are great!
If you are barely holding on – You can do this – one moment at a time.

Making, breaking, setting or not, resolutions do not define you.


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