SK Favorite Bag and What Fits Inside

Last spring, I found myself not so happy with my current purse/bag situation.

It had served me well! But, I was tired of always carrying around such a large bag. I found myself drawn to the crossbody style but knew I needed to be able to carry around a certain amount of stuff – Enneagram 6 or Being Mom, you can decide.

I also needed to be able to carry MyChild’s extra things if necessary.

I found it!

I am so happy about the number of things I can fit in this bag while still not carrying a huge purse all the time.

SK Favorite Green Bag

The star of the show is the bag itself.

It is The Essential Messenger Bag in Vegan Textured Leather from Pomp and Circumstance here in Houston.

It came with its own matching green crossbody strap, but I couldn’t resist getting the Variegated Rainbow Stripe one. Truthfully, I had three I couldn’t make a decision on and finally [happy] landed on this one.

Above that is the Logan RFID Zip Around Clutch (I use as a wallet) I’ve had for years from Fossil and love.

Moving clockwise:

the black square is a battery pack that is wonderful. It’s small enough to not add too much weight to my bag, but can fully charge my phone from 6% and still have remaining power. Going with this is the 6-in-1 Multi-Charging Cable which makes it so easy to find the right adapter.

As is typical, I have vehicle and house/office keys, of course.

Because of the current state of the world, I always have a couple of masks in my bag, ready to go.

Something you will always find in my bag are fidget toys.

Currently I have this Wooden Fidget Cube (similar) and Crazy Aaron’s Mini Thinking Putty. We use these while in waiting rooms and even in restaurants.

Not sure why, but I also currently have a Lego minifigure. #momlife

Essentials are next:

Next to the Loki Lego, is my is my work badge WITH a Spanish medical interpretation badge for Mental Health from YogisRXBadges. (I need to remember to order a couple more categories!)

Next is this little clear pouch with small emergency necessities – Band-Aids, hair bands, bobby pins, ibuprofen, Chapstick, paperclips, safety pins, a measuring tape, USB flash drive, chop stick connectors, and such.

The green rectangle is a folded, reusable bag. I purchased mine at the Container Store years ago, but here are similar ones.

Next comes a couple of my favorite pens, a pencil of my child’s, a tampon, Benadryl Itch Relief Stick, and Purell – because, of course.

Last are my sunglasses from Knockaround, the Golden Hour Mile Highs, and a cat-face coin purse containing 2 pairs of headphones.

Last note about size:

My sunglasses are resting on top of MyChild’s Samsung Galaxy Tab.

I can switch out any of the following and still comfortably use this bag:

If I find myself needing more than one of these, I will switch back to my larger bag, but so far that hasn’t happened.

Not pictured is my phone…

Because it is usually in my HAND.

However, my phone fits perfectly in the front pocket with easy access at any time.


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