I've learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way they handle these three things - Maya Angelou

Guys, the entire world is
one big f-ed up ball of
tangled Christmas lights.

I have muted or flat-out unfollowed several people during this global crisis.

NONE of those choices were because of what they were doing or how they were preparing/handling their things. I am all for and welcome those individuals who are trying to provide some sense of normalcy and/or distraction in these trying times.

The unfollowing was 100% due to their condescension and “how dare you” attitude in preaching to their followers.

Here’s an important fact right now:


YOU have the power over what you consume right now.

I’ve talked about this before, but it’s always a good thing to bring up.

There are two news sites, one local and one national, that I will not rely on unless I have a very reputable source backing them up.

I try not to consume those sources, in general, but especially now with sensationalization running rampant throughout the media. I am not saying this is not a serious situation, I am saying the media has done a terrible job handling it from the beginning.

In my social media, as I mentioned, I have unfollowed a few people whose accounts, before now, were harmless and fun with pretty pictures. Several others I have muted for the time being. With some, their whining was getting to be too much – they have a wide audience, they don’t need me; with others, it’s their “I know best, you must be doing things my way or you are horrible.” Most of the time I don’t even miss them and forget about them unless I actually see one of their posts in my feed (as opposed to them filling up my stories).

This is a very trying time in our world. Why not surround yourself with positivity?

positivity definition


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