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We were so young and naive, then.

How are we doing?

I work in a healthcare-related position and MyHusband works in Oil and Gas. His job isn’t affected by the stock market, but his company is. So, there’s been a bit of stress going around.

Is anyone else really irritated with how the media is reporting things?

They are just leaving major parts out.

“The president, counter to nearly all expert opinion, continues to treat the smaller number of known cases here (due to inadequate testing) as if it means we actually have a small number of cases and need to focus on keeping cases out,” said Marc Lipsitch, an epidemiologist at Harvard University.”

We aren’t completely unaware of how to deal with epidemics.
Here is a nice recap of how we (the world) dealt with the SARS, Ebola, and H1N1 outbreaks in the recent past.

The number of people who have died is tragic.
Something to also remember is how many people have recovered.
This gives a great breakdown of some of those statistics we keep hearing.

worldometer coronavirus

How do we help?

Help flatten the curve
Flatten the Curve

Something that keeps getting forgotten in the fear/panic –
What it is like to have COVID-19.

Current symptoms reported for patients with COVID-19 have included mild to severe respiratory illness with fever, cough, and difficulty breathing.

This article helps distinguish symptoms of COVID-19 from a cold, flu, or allergies.

symptoms of covid-19 allergies flu cold

Please remember: Not everyone with a COVID-19 infection will feel unwell. It’s possible to have the virus and not develop symptoms. When symptoms are present, they’re typically mild and develop slowly.

This isn’t a movie. This isn’t Outbreak or Contagion, or even World War Z.
People are recovering. People aren’t even realizing they have it.

Wash your hand songs:

Lucy Knisley Wash Song
Download available on

Things We Should Know

Women’s Strike in Mexico

Coronavirus officially a pandemic

Completely Biased – President for Life is a BAD idea

Idlib ceasefire still very shaky

Stock Markets are panicking unsure



Things We Should Still Be Talking About

US-Mexico Border: Remain in Mexico policy remains in place

Australian Bushfires: Some are still just waiting

Brexit: New UK Budget

Democratic Candidates: Is the end here?

Lift the Mood

Local Loves

I live in Houston. I love living in Houston.
Here’s were I share some of that love.

Harris County Public Library

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