Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday, I turned 36.


I am not the type to worry too much about my own birthday.

Other people’s? Hell, yes.

My own. Eh…

It’s not about turning older anything like that – I just generally do not like all of the attention on me. #introvertforlife

I see birthdays similar to New Year’s. Opportunity for new starts, but also just another day. Similar to resolutions, I don’t like to get into the mindset of “this year will be different because of x, y, or z.”

Change can happen any time you need it to.

BUT, we all know I love a good list.


I had originally set out to create “Forty Things to Do Before 40.”


But, that got tedious.

Trying to figure out another fun tag-line that involved less work in the list itself, I googled how many days until my fortieth birthday.


That seems like all the time in the world.

But nothing with 1,460 just rolls off the tongue.

I also did realize/notice that it will be 3/22/2022.

Oooooh…. lots of 2s.

ALSO, if you add 1+4+6+0=11=1+1=2

Another 2!

[C’mon. Didn’t we ALL manipulate the numerology numbers to get the answer we wanted or get a better match with our crush? No?]

Back to the point!

I settled on:

22 before 2022


  1. New York City
  2. Hawaii
  3. Las Vegas
  4. Disney World
  5. New Orleans


  1. Write cook book
  2. Write book
  3. Write children’s book
  4. Complete major photography project
  5. Create business plans


  1. Attend a work-related conference
  2. Attend a photography conference
  3. Attend a writers’ conference
  4. Read 40 books
  5. Color every day for a month


  1. Yoga every day for a month
  2. Run every day for a month
  3. Give up one vice for a month


  1. Run 5K – Running of the Bulls in New Orleans
  2. Run 5K – Houston-based
  3. Run Obstacle race
  4. Run Disney race


I’ll keep you updated on completion dates of any of these.

Spoiler: We are going to Disney World in May 2018 – I added that one as a gimme.


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