Friday Fives: Kidz Bop

Happy Friday [afternoon]!


I don’t know about you, but this has been a LONG week.

The full moon did not help matters.




Back to Friday.

MyChild is six years old. We’ve reached that stage where sometimes the radio just doesn’t cut it for the commute between home and school (morning and/or aftenoon).

Sometimes there is just TOO. MUCH. TALKING. #playsomedamnmusic.

Sometimes the topics of conversation are not something I want my 6-year-old hearing and possibly repeating. #kindergartenconversations

Sometimes the music just sucks. You know it’s true.

At these points, I have found myself appreciating the makers of Kidz Bop.

I KNOW there are parents who are going to cringe at the name, but hear me out.

#1 We do not listen to the albums very often – so I haven’t been burnt out on them.

#2 Sometimes it just amazes me how talented these young people are.

#3 Some of the Kidz Bop edits make the song hilarious.

Favorite Kidz Bop Remakes

1. Thunder by Imagine Dragons

Honestly, this song, sung by Imagine Dragons, DRIVES ME CRAZY. I do not like it. MyHusband and MyChild DO. That backing vocals of “thunder, th-th-thunder” in that high pitched voice. Eeeek.

It’s not so bad in the Kidz version.

2. Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran

Truly, it just makes me giggle when I hear these kids talking about “when I was young.”

3. Closer by The Chainsmokers and Halsey

This was the first song MyChild and I noticed the editing on:

“Pull the sheets right off the corner of that notebook that you stole from your friend’s room back in Boulder”

[crying laughing]

4.  Starving by Hailee Steinfeld

Again: “I was so much younger yesterday”  #kidyouhavenoidea

5. Scars to Your Beautiful by Alexia Cara

This one is purely because I love the message of the song and if this is going to get more people to hear the words, hell yes.


I hope you have an awesome weekend!






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