Bullet Journal: Quotes

Happy August, Everyone!

I am of two minds on how I feel about this changing of the month. On one hand: “Yay, new month = fresh start!” On the other hand: “Oh, God! It’s the same as last month PLUS back to school!” <– insert horror face emoji


But not this week. I have roughly 2 weeks  before #MyChild starts school and I am not even worrying about it right now.

With the changing of the month, I have 3 calendars that I need to update: 1 white board calendar in my office, my planner calendar, and my bullet journal habit tracker.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned my bullet journal much. For one thing, it is nowhere near as awesome as some of these journals you can find anywhere everywhere on Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Personally, I use mine as a blend of a writing journal, an art journal/sketch book, a single place to keep random notes, and a place to track my goals/habits. As I was preparing to change/update things for August, I was looking back through the past year. Some of my favorite pages are the ones where I just write down quotes, affirmations, awesome things people have said. I go back and look at these sometimes when I need reminding that the world doesn’t completely suck and that I can get through this rough time.




I’m sure you can see some that you recognize and others that mean nothing to you. That’s okay. That’s the beauty of bullet journaling – it can be whatever YOU want or need it to be. (and please excuse my typos 🙂 )



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