Friday Faves: Work Wardrobe

It’s Friday!


HOWEVER, I have so many deadlines in the next week, I know there will be much working done at home.


But, we will not dwell.

As you might have noticed, I work a full-time job. It’s been mentioned, mostly in the form of whining. I’m not ashamed. I would say, “I work a 9 to 5,”


but, no. I work in a non-profit organization. If there is a week I only work 40 hours, it’s a miracle. I have to get dressed like a grown up every day and try to be comfortable. I do not have a capsule wardrobe by choice or design, I just only own four pairs of pants (that aren’t jeans), so I wear the same four or five outfits every week. Want to see?

Work Ensemble #1

WorkWear05 sm

pants (similar) | shirt | kimono (colorful)| ballet flats | sneakers | necklace

This is my go-to/favorite outfit of the week. I OFTEN wear this on Mondays, because it’s so comfortable and sometimes I can get away with sneakers – depending on who is on vacation or working from home that week. Unfortunately, the pants are from The Limited, but I’ve been trying to find some that are similar in comfort and washability/wearability. I have totally jumped on the kimono train – it’s an easy way to add color when I want to wear all black (see next ensemble) and it adds another layer, because my office is freezing all the time – not just because of the a/c.

Work Ensemble #2

WorkWear03 sm

pants (similar) | shirt | kimono (black) |
boots (similar | similar) | ballet flats | necklace (similar)

I do love wearing black – it makes it so easy to match things. #iamsolazysometimes Again, my actual pants are from the Limited. I got the booties at a resale store, but I found a couple of pairs online that are similar and I know there are more in other price ranges.

Work Ensemble #3

WorkWear04 sm

pants | shirt | heels | flats | necklace (similar) | wrap bracelet

Disclaimer, I HATE these pants. They are grey and look nice, but they are so old and do not fit properly anymore. It’s not an “if it zips it fits” situation, but they do not lay correctly. I have linked a similar pair and I’m sorry they photographed with the color so off.

Work Ensemble #4

WorkWear02 sm

pants (similar) | shirt | booties | flats | watch (similar)|rose leather bracelet (similar)

My watch is from Skagen and was an anniversary gift years ago. I linked a similar one, but I know my band is more narrow than any I could find on their website. Also, the rose leather cuff bracelet was part of a benefit auction years ago, but I tried to find something similar that I would still like wearing.

Work Ensemble #5

WorkWear01 sm

skirt | camisole | sweater (similar) | necklace (similar) | sneakers

I do love this skirt. I am 5′ 9″ and this goes all of the way to the floor/covers my shoes. I often wear this with sneakers (because they are mostly hidden), but I do also wear my black ballet flats with this if I need to be more fancy/professional.


So, there you go. This is what’s on repeat every week. Sometimes I do laundry in the middle of the week and skip the skirt, but that just depends on how that week is going.

Hope you have a great day and a fun weekend!


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