Friday Favorites

A few of the things I’m listening to lately and loving.

  1. Podcasts. I’ve gotten much more into listening to podcasts on my commute home lately. One of my current favorites is The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey.

    I have not been listening to them in order – I just pick and choose which one feels right for the mood I’m in. Recently I listened to her interview with Alli Worthington and it was wonderful. I had two great take aways (the whole thing was lovely, these just stuck in my mind): (1) “One thing I think we are hurt by in the body of Christ is we think we have to be great at something before we even give it a try.” Jaw meet floor. Do you ever feel like that? I do. Far too often. The other piece I loved is her daily mantra: (2)Show up. Love others. Be me. Don’t quit. So simple. But, I know I need to be reminded sometimes how simple it should/could be to be happier.
  2. Another favorite podcast lately is The Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher

    Again, I’m choosing which episode I listen to and recently I heard Episode #6 with Ashlyn Carter. Once again, I found a few things that resonated with me – the perks of choosing the ones that sound helpful/fun when you are in that mood. “At the end of the day, no matter how great your imagery is, it is your WORDS that sell….Copy-writing is words that pack a punch. It’s words that are persuasive and make someone take action on something.” How true is that?!? Yes, the image/picture draws you in, but it’s truly the words and descriptions that take it over the goal line.

  3. I mentioned last week that, while writing, I like a good driving beat and the Suicide Squad Soundtrack has worked out really well for that. Yeah, it’s still on repeat. Often. I do this with particular songs, too. One that I can listen to on repeat for an hour would be: Roads Untraveled by Linkin Park. I found this because of the movie Need for Speed. (Yep, liked this one, too.) The whole Linkin Park album is great, but sometimes I just need this song.
  4. Another soundtrack that makes me smile every time is Burlesque. Cher? Christina? How can you go wrong?!?


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