What is Your Word for 2023?

SK Post it - What is your word 2023

I ashamedly admittedly spent the last few months weeks wallowing in crap and crabbiness and self-pity. It is HARD to care about anything when you are told that all of your work for the past year had not been good enough. But without any guidance, feedback, or course-correction along the way. I wallowed.

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But enough is enough.

It’s time to regroup and come back better than ever.

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To that end, I have found my Word of the Year.

(Yes, I still do these.)

SK Definition: Flourish

Here we go.

I am all for the season of rest and waiting and being patient (no I’m terrible at this one) and preparing for the work, but it is now time.

The purpose of this glorious life is not simply to endure it, but to soar, stumble and flourish as you learn to fall in love with existence. We were born to live my dear not merely exist. 
- Becca Lee
What you feed will flourish; what you neglect will die.

What is your word, verse, or intention for this year?

I hope you have a wonderful day!


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