Houston Adventures: Rose Therapeutic Farm & Goat Yoga

A few weeks ago, my family and I visited Rose Therapeutic Farm & Goat Yoga for their Easter Egg Hunt with Goats. It was a blast!

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Organization Description

Our little farm offers so much more than just Goat Yoga!  Our homestead offers a peaceful country setting just minutes outside of Houston.  Goats, Bunnies, Mini Piggies, Daryll the Cow, Mini Horses and Chickens create a wholesome therapeutic environment that is fun for everyone!!!  Join us at ROSE Therapeutic Farm & Goat Yoga for a fun filled relaxing day of nature, adorable little Nigerian Dwarf Goats and a vivacious yoga flow class or try one of our other Farm Experiences! (source)

Rose Therapeutic Farm & Goat Yoga’s mission is to encourage well-being by allowing the community to escape the city and experience the “simple life” surrounded by nature and farm animals.

What they stand for:
Reviving the Family Farm
Offering Animal Experiences
Supporting Local Ranchers
Ending Factory Farming

Family Rating

SK Houston Adventures - Rose Therapeutic Farm

5 stars

We had so much fun at the Easter event!

Upcoming Related Event

There is an upcoming event for Mother’s Day on May 7th, upcoming Summer Camps, and they have regularly scheduled classes throughout the year.

See You Next Time!


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